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Max George
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Default Dragon Quest: Your Story

The movie was good and I enjoyed some dragon quest video games as well.

Luca as Aaron Dismuke
Luca (Young) as Maxey Whitehead
Prince Harry as Ricco Fajardo
Prince Harry (Young) as Mikaela Krantz
Nera as Alexis Tipton
Bianca as Amber Lee Connors
Sancho as Alejandro Saab
Pankraz as Kent Williams
Dr. Agon as John Swasey
Rodrigo Briscoletti as Marcus Stimac
Madalena as Stephanie Young
Gootrude as Kellen Goff
Bjorn the Behemoose as Chris Rager
Ladja as Jerry Jewell
Nimzo as Christopher Bevin
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Default Re: Dragon Quest: Your Story

Here's a dub that befits this movie.

Luca - Clay Cartland
Prince Harry - Travis Roig
Nera - Crystal Lopez
Bianca - Christina Jopling
Pankraz - Paul Louis
Sancho - Jim Ballard
Dr. Agon - Phil Dubois
Rodrigo Briscoletti - Jason Kesser
Madalena - Paula Barros
Gootrude - James Crockett
Bjorn the Behemoose - Roly Gutierrez
Ladja - Chris Jahn
Nimzo - Donald Guzzi

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Default Re: Dragon Quest: Your Story

I never played Dragon Quest, but since this is my story and I made an RPG in RPG Maker for the PSX as a kid called Dragon Quest where you play as a frikkin dragon, here's what my cast would be if that took off:

Dragon: Simon Broad
Luca: Elizabeth Oram
Prince Fascade: Jack Murphy
Nera: Wheelie
Bianca: Laylaa
Pancreas: Paul Lucas
Sansho: Doug Rand
Dr. Agon: Winston Kirk
Alejandro Buscelatti: Lady Gaga
Madalena: Madonna
Gertrude: Leina Stol
Bjorn the Behemoose: Barry Gjerde
Nadja: Mike West
Nimrod: Stefan Ashton Frank

Additional Voices: Captain Mary, Bipam, Knock off Spock, John Schwab, Elly Fairman, Denica Fairman, William Winckler, John Culkin, Pierre Tremblay, Captain of Cosmos Narrator, Michael Beard, Guillermo Poblete, Guillermo Del Toro, Philip J. Reed, Philip Bartlett, Simon and Art Garfunkle, Fungle, me, George Bush, Fergy, Matthew Oram, Matthew Mercer, Lord Bills, T
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