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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 20th August.

Continuation from part 3. Wil Wheaton was alot better in terms of health. Geek and Sundry got permission from Midnight Syndicate to use their music. Creepy music throughout the episode.


Pretty long episode so brace yourselves.

Critical Role Episode 21: Trial of the Take, Part 4


Fight against rats and an Otyugh.

Wheaton dice roll curse continues.

Thorbir is rat bitten on the grotch.

Kashaw talks with a soul of a corpse.

Kashaw reveals his backstory. Pretty heavy.

Fight a ghost.

Liam imagines Vax and the ghost are doing the scene from the film Ghost where both Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore and the pottery wheel.

Acid room, Wil Wheaton's favourite.

Keyleth makes a heroes' feast, costs 1000G.

The best lasagne.

Johnny Kraghammer.

The legend of Acidpit. (Reference to Aeofel “Al” Elhromane)

Magic carpet RIP, Vex is going to be really mad when she finds out.

Wil finally roles a natural 20. Requests to know the Rakshasa's parents names, social security number, bank account balance and Ashley Madison password.

Magic taint.

Magic moment for Keyleth.

Actor Darin De Paul was a guest at the studio.

Matt gets one awesome present.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 27th August. No Critical Role this Thursday (3rd September) as most of the cast are away.

Critical Role Episode 22: AraMente to Pyrah

This is quite a monster of an episode so best served with food, drink and cushions.



Taliesin was cleansing the table from Wil Wheaton's cursed dice rolls.

Encounter Osysa the Gynosphinx, as she gives the branding.

Sir Darin De Paul (guest from last week) provided some cookies.

Vox Machina reunited

"Scanlan, lift from the legs", quote from Vax

Vex learns news of the magic carpet.

Travis gets a kiss from Laura.

A return of an old friend.

Pike discovers blue faeces.

Girl talk concerning Keyleth's kiss.

Grog demonstrates his brilliant haggling skills.

Tiberius buys a sickly dragonite named Lockheed.

Tyriock (spelling?) the cartographer.

Percy levels up.

Keyleth makes another heroes' feast.

Travelling through a mountain.

Keyleth meets the members of the fire Ashari.

Met the Fire Ashari member named Sakonos (spelling?)

Keyleth's vision.

Dived into the vortex.

Avoided a red dragon named Beast.

Boss battle.

Keyleth earns a sparkstone with the power of Ifrit.

Taliesin gets a special present.

Travis receives a belated birthday gift.

Matt further cements himself as god-like with his performance as Tyriock the cartographer. I seriously hope the character comes back. Better yet, the Tyriock voice for a character in a video game, anime and pre-lay show. Marisha was pretty amazing as Keyleth.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew


8ft Trinket now has cut-out templates for his armour on his head. Liam was late as he had other engagements.

Critical Role Episode 23 THE REMATCH



Scanlan returns to the group after meeting with Zahra the Warlock and explained he attended a slumber party with three other Tieflings.

Grog runs back to the Bellows rest-pit and screams "Kern!"

Kern the Hammer vs Grog the Vengeful

Wrestling moves Grog performed:
Over the shoulder DDT (in truth this is more of a german suplex with a release)
Bane style back-breaker
Curb stomps
Superman punch (Roman Reigns style)

Martial arts moves Kern performed:
Roundhouse kick
Taekwondo Jump Spin Crescent Kick
Flip kick (style of Paul Phoenix from Tekken but botched)
1 inch punch

"Break it off like a chicken!" shouts Tiberius

Scanlan sings: "Its the eye of the Goliath, its the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of that a**hole", inspired by Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
"With your arms and your fists, and your legs and your wrists, its in your hands, in your hands", inspired by The Cranberries - Zombie

Grog unleashes Relentless rage

Vex lifts up her shirt and shouts "I love you Grog!", for inspiration. But it doesn't work.

Grog the victorious

Burt Reynolds, esquire

Victor the black powder merchant

Sampson the Ore merchant

Visit Earth Breaker Gruun.

Kainan, son of Herold the Butcher, a fan of Vox Machina.

Mercer's magic mullet. Matt very quickly disputes it as his hair is certainly not a mullet.

The rematch was while worth the wait. Good for Travis for taking that decision to return to the bellows rest-pit. Vex flashing got the biggest pop in the bellows rest-pit. Scanlan activating Burt Reynolds mode was too funny. The black powder merchant is among my favourite NPC's that Matt has performed. The announcement that the Briarwoods will be making an appearance was pretty hype. All eyes will be on Percy.


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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 17th September was the 24th episode of Critical Role. Big news of the the arrival of the Briarwoods coming to Emon.

Announced that they will be at New York Comic Con, with full party.


Critical Role Episode 24: The Feast


Percy's backstory revealed

Dr Ripley, Professor Anders, Sir Stonefell, part of the Briarwoods posse.

Julius, Vesper, Cassandra, siblings of Percy

Gilmore returns

Scanlan literally sings Sherry by The Four Season & Frankie Valli to Sherry. She likes it. The only change Scanlan sings was "you're with a gnome"

Scanlan sings with Percy "Do you want to build a machine gun, why yes I really do" inspired from Disney's Frozen - Do You Want to Build a Snowman

To resurrect the Magic carpet, it would cost 50k of gold and one year wait.

Trinket gets decorated by Vax and Keyleth with pink ribbons and braids.

Jenga as a safe word.

Vax shaves Grog's beard half off.

Travis breaks a mechanical pencil.

Percy creates a glove called "Diplomacy"

Grog's choice of formal wear is a toga made from curtains.

Tiberius asks out Allura on a date.

Lord Silas and Lady Delilah Briarwood, they have no children

Scanlan and Tiberius perform Cantina Theme from Star Wars

"Don't worry, you look delicious", quote from Lord Silas Briarwood

"I regret nothing" says Liam O'Brien


Tiberius intro count: 8.5 times.

"Hello my name is Tiberius Stormwind, I'm from Draconia" needs to be a t-shirt

Slow build but became super intense at the end. Percy will have to wait abit longer. If there was a need to have cast actors to play both the Briarwood couple, my choices are Crispin Freeman as Lord Silas Briarwood and Kari Wahlgren as Lady Delilah Briarwood.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 24th September, the Briarwoods are in Emon for a formal dinner. To learn more about them, Vax infiltrates into their room; only for them see him. As Vax is unable to move lord Briarwood says: "you look delicious".

Critical Role Episode 25 - Crimson Diplomacy


Sam gets a massive beer stein.

"It makes me look cute" quote from Sam Riegel

"Gosh you guys are good looking" quote from Vax


Keyleth in Eagle form gives a servant an avian payload (bird poop)

Delilah lands on her coxis

"The universe is random and doesn't care about you and me" quote from Liam O'Brien

Vax'ildan split second monologue

Kit Buss joins the frey

Lillith the Tiefling makes an appearance.

"Silas!" shouts Percy

"The puppy yet lives" quote from Lord Briarwood

Scanlan sings: "Oh that Vax elf, bitten by Vampires, and his skin's turning pale and white, but don't worry, is around the corner, here comes Scanlan everything's gonna be alright" inspired from Mack the knife by Bobby Darin
: "Hey there Delilah won't you listen to me, cos I'm about to cast a spell on you" inspired from Hey there Delilah by Plain White T's
: "Can you feel the blood tonight" inspired from Can you feel the love tonight by Elton John


Tiberius the giant Lizard

Scanlan the shield

The Briarwoods take their leave

Percy the interrogator

Lillith the cousin of Zahra

Heaving bosoms

Lizard Tiberius licks Vox Machina

Cleric Tristan

Vax the apologetic

Lillith Daturai

The Broker

"I hope her face still festers" quote from Lillith

Grog uses Penelope

"Your soul is forfeit! Die! DIE!" quote from Percy

Running old lady

Orion elbows Marisha on the funny bone.

Liam and Laura sing "Scanlan make you feel real good"

Scanlan whistles "The lonely man"

Lillith's back story.

Pretty amazing stuff that happened on Critical Role. Intense stuff with Vax as his monologue was one of the highlights; seeing both Marisha and Laura tearing up. Awesome that Kit Buss took part in this episode with her character Lillith. I thank Taliesin for his performance as Percy as this has become a turning point in his character. The Briarwoods are extremely powerful and I believe they'll be appearing alot more in the future. Critical role reached a new high in viewers for its live stream; peaking at 17k.

Now I want to see a 3D action video game, Platinum games-esque, starring Vox Machina and the some of the boss characters are the Briarwoods. The action will be over the top, high octane where violence is encouraged. The game's playable characters consist of all members of Vox Machina and the guests players from the trial of the take story arc. DLC characters will be Vox Moronica, Lillith Daturai and other future guest players.


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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 1st October for episode 26.

Critical Role Episode 26 Consequences and Cows


No Taliesin due to illness. Orion wears his robe.


Sock, gun or a ribbon on the door knob, don't go in.

Lilith is gone

Were they banging?

Keyleth questions morality of Vox Machina

Tiberius learns of how to kill Vampires

Missing serpent belt

Meeting with Sovereign Uriel

Simon the missing serpent belt

Brown chicken brown cow

Allura the disappointed

Berry picking with Grog

"Coming soon on Friday nights the adventures of Tiberius' errands. 7-10 on Friday nights on Twitch" quote from Sam Riegel

Riley Claus and Ben

Mr Sims the bull

"Hide your bull hide your wife" quote from Vax

Desmond the carriage driver

History of the Briarwood take-over

Jarret the guard

Tiberius Stormdrunk, from Drunconia

Human kissy mouth

"I encourage sandwich" quote from Scanlan

Kyle the farmer boy

Vox Moochina

Henshin! Cow power

Interview the cows

Scanlan has a poo as a disguised cow. Seems normal for once.

Battle the giant bird

Scanlan sings: "The way you kick so much a** like nobody else, the way you do animals things gets me overwhelmed, you don't know uh ohh, you don't know you're powerful, oh ohoh, that's what makes you powerful" inspired from What makes you beautiful - One Direction

"I love Dungeons and Dragons" quote from Matthew Mercer

Descending Roc cow

Scanlan returns as a Pterodactyl

Roc bird

Byron the Gnome

Keyleth nearly loses her hand.

Negotiating a deal with Byron and the Roc.

Official Critmas for this month.

Matt does a hat trick of sneezes

Travis, Orion and Matt sing "Scanlan make you feel real good"

To make up for the absence of Taliesin, a side quest was set up. Thankfully, Vox Machina decided to take it up and it turns out to be one of the funniest side quests I have seen in any medium. Never thought I see the day when Matt Mercer, a god-amongst DM's, as an NPC cow; even to go as far as chewing like a cow.


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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 8th October

Critical Role Episode 27 The Path to Whitestone



Percy has a dream.

Jarret the guard is attacked.

5.1 sound for the ricochet bullets

Invisible Stalkers

Scanlan sings: "All the single Percy's, All the single Percy's, put your guns up, oh oh oh oh" inspired from Beyonce - Single ladies
: "Here comes the sun" by the Beatles

Flash, AH!!!

Marisha points a laser pen to her eye

"Hold still Casper" quote from Grog

Invisible Stalkers

Jarrett lives

"Popped out, did the thing, money" quote from Vex'ahlia

Tiberius gets a half chubb

Percy hears voices in his head

Vox Machina goes shopping

Grog goes to the store to purchase a shovel and a pick-axe

"Jesus, how do you do that?" asks Liam. "Cos I have to" answered Matthew

Travis drops his stainless steel dice

Chain-mail for Scanlan's male 1.5 inch, no luck

Tiberius wants 1500 mirrors

"Oh wait I don't do that. #OrionAcaba" quote from Marisha

Orion destroyed Matt.

Letter from Tiberius's father, Krevanas Stormwind. Poppycock!

Grog is bored

Keyleth's water elemental speech, translated by Taliesin


Good bye horses

Keyleth has a heart to heart with Percy


Not many funny moments for this episode as Vox Machina plan to enter Whitestone, home of the Briarwood's. The episode was dominated by shopping, especially from Tiberius. Grog/Travis was extremely bored and it showed on his face. Nice to see Tiberius sending letters to this father. Too bad the letter ended with "as mere poppycock". The biggest intrigue now is the voice in Percy's head. This Thursday's episode should be more action packed and there is hope for Travis/Grog not to be bored.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Here's a bonus that was taken during the Extra life charity stream.

Critical Role: Critical Rejects for Extra Life!


The return of Vox Moronica.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 15th October

No Orion Acaba for this episode. Special D&D with Vin Diesel shown during the break.


Critical Role Episode 28 - The Sun Tree


Battle the Behir

Trinket is unconsious

"Don't throw around the d word, unless its the d word" quote from Travis

Minxy returns

The Sugar Ray Leonard

Scanlan sings: "He's Grog he's Grog, he's big he's strong like wood, he's better than bad he's good" inspired from the Log song from Ren & Stimpy
: "Pour some Scanlan on you, when you need a hand" inspired from Pour some sugar on me by Def Leppard

Granny grinder

Scanlan wise guy eye poke

Matt takes time to thinks

Grog's how do you want to do this

Behir turned into jelly, paste and sweet jams

Vex kicks the corpse

Tiberius goes walk-about for a few days

Vax confirmed that Vex releases large logs

Grog finally did something smart

A giant's fortress, desolate, covered in blood

Scanlan, Horatio Caine style, Matt adds the "yeah!!"

CSI: Scanlan

Poor crow

Outskirts of Whitestone

8 bodies hung the Sun tree

Grog in the past likes to pee on colourful trees

Lemon party, whole different kind of festival

Build a rebellion

A beret for Scanlan

Scanlan, poo ideas

Scanscat, Scat-grenade, Scatlan

Welcome to Whitestone

Haunting message

Saddest brothel

Heroes feast

The live broadcast showed highlights of the special D&D with actor Vin Diesel during the break. The rebroadcasts however did not show the D&D game through no fault of Geek and Sundry. Thankfully, an extended showing of D&D with Vin Diesel is available on youtube on the geek and sundry's channel. The episode of Critical Role was pretty gruesome, especially the gallows tree. Percy's idea for a rebellion sounds pretty awesome.

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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Here's the link for D&Diesel

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