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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 9th March 2017


Critical Role Episode 89 - Curious Tides

"How do I separate the gum from the others?" quote from Sam

"I'll be here for 5 hours, again" quote from Matt

"Don't you touch my donuts" quote from Laura, as she slaps Travis's hand


Raven Queen

Kraken tries to push through the portal


Doty has been pooed on

Doty princess carries Taryon


Revive Vax

Raven queen physically appears

Vax is alive

Lodestone given

Doty takes down: "Plagued by an incompetent plan, and ambushed by a surprise from a Kraken. We never the less stayed true to ourselves and to our bravery. Found the lodestone, and despite nearly dying came back to tell the tale, proving ourselves as heroes of Vesrah and to each other. I was aided by young Percival in my fight, abandoned by the antlers and the elves, and by the end of the fight it was just me and the big guy, duking it out. I blacked out for a moment, before I did I'm sure he saw my bravery and was impressed. That's why he dragged me to safety and presented me to Percival for healing"

Pike meets Taryon Darrington

Taryon back story with a musical troupe

Taryon kneels to Keyleth

Doty draws Taryon

Trinket pee's on Doty

What did the aramente teach?

Captain Adella

Shapechanging for Keyleth

Keyleth turns into a beholder, bronze dragon

Grog gives Taryon a Basilisk egg

Pikes asks Doty to draw people

Doty draws candid image of Vax and Keyleth and Percy and Vex

"I could the tell by the bone structure and the contempt" quote from Taryon

Naked picture of Grog

Mama Pike

"Vagina" quote from Taryon


"Fresh new set of six-pack abs" quote from Liam

Pike returns to Emon

Back to Emon

Back to Greyskull keep

Some staff of Greyskull are around

Library books about the Nine hells

Journal of Opash

Firstly, Sam Riegel risking his health for the spectacle that is the promo for Lootcrate. Secondly, Laura Bailey protection over her donuts. The episode itself turned into comedy gold. Started with the important revival of Vax. Ashley (Pike) did make an appearance as Vox Machina successfully revived the Raven Queen's champion. As the task of retrieving the lodestone from the Kraken, Keyleth succeeded in her aramente and rewarded with a new ability to shape-shift in various beasts.

Without a doubt the highlight of this episode is Taryon learning the names of the other members of Vox Machina, with Pike's guidance. Ashley and Sam made this scene comedy gold. Returning to Emon and to Greyskull keep, in preparation for the nine-hells, Vox Machina hit the books where they read about Opash the necromancer.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 16th March


Critical Role Episode 90 - Voice of the Tempest

Sam's fanart

"Brian Foster smells like cabbage" quote from Sam

Gattling gun for Trinket? Nope

Vax with Raven Queen

Breakfast in Greyskull keep

Shayne Tranter, guard of Greyskull keep

Taryon and Doty write up Vox Machina fight songs

Grog doesn't like the idea of dressing up

Westruun is like Pittsburgh

Disguising Doty

"I like to buy your hair for 100 gold pieces" quote from Taryon

Taryon actually pays 500 gold pieces

"Buy my book!" quote from Taryon

Gluing hair to Doty's head

"Any given point in time, Doty now has a secret goatee" quote from Matt


To Vasselheim

Highbearer Vord

Dark veins on Vax's chest

Cobalt Reserve

Kusuo (spelling?)

Private collection

Iron city of Dis

Shopping, starring Grog, Taryon and Doty

Vex and Keyleth go dress shopping

Vax and Percy enter the Raven's Crest

Is Doty a murderer?

"Wire tapping does not mean dead" quote from Grog

Taryon's Vox Machina fight song: "Seven intrepid warriors we. We're stronger before and stronger with me. Drinking wine and heroes feast. Saving maidens defeating beasts. We fight fight fight with strength and girth. I slew a marid and proved my worth. Vix and Vax, Kiko and Greg, and Percival with a head like an egg. I defeated a Kraken too and I saved the Ashari single handedly in the ocean blue. We fight fight fight with strength and girth. I won your hearts and proved my worth."

To Keyleth's home, Zephra



Keyleth, voice of the Tempest

Essentially a wind down episode of Critical Role; thankfully it turned out to be a brilliant comedy episode. Doty, being an automaton would have difficulty in blending in Vasselheim. It was decided that Doty would be in disguise. Fortunately or unfortunately Doty was disguised into an abomination and even donning a secret goatee. I laughed pretty hard when Matt said secret goatee that it give me an abs workout. A portion of this episode was learning about the nine-hells and Orcus. Since Scanlan left, Grog didn't have a shopping partner. Until Taryon and Doty volunteer to fill that void. This turns out to be a brilliant piece of comedy as the mystery of who beat up the Vasselheim guards that were following Taryon, Doty and Grog.

Critical Role was lacking in songs and Taryon showcased his talents in singing a wonderful fight song. Finally Keyleth graduates by completing her Aramente, being titled as the "Voice of the Tempest"
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 23rd March


Critical Role Episode 91 - Vox Machina go to Hell


No Sam


Keyleth was watched by spies

Lip reading by Vex

Devil culture

Doty takes down: "Be more careful about exclusivity in future contracts"

Talk about the future

Juicy bits of being titled

"Make Whitestone great again" quote from Percy

"Demon don't crack" quote from Matt

Whitney the Tiefling

Learning the Tiefling language

Ermahgerd translates as no in Infernal

Welcome to the City of Dis


Tieflings in disguise

Bone Devil

Pit fiend

In an Inn

Keyleth samples a soul stone

Hotis the Rakshasa slowly torturing itself back to physical form

Percy samples a soul stone


Freddy and Greg

Plan for taking out Hotis

No Sam Riegel so Matt had to Gundam pilot as Taryon Darrington, and in truth Matt was pretty good. The episode itself was venturing to the City of Dis. Unfortunately, Laura and Marisha used the "We built this city" by Starship as a joke for the city of Dis, which wore extremely thin. Kelyeth approached a tiefling named Whitney for some Infernal language lessons. Liam thought it would be funny to use the meme "ermahgerd" as a possible translated word for "no". Since Matt was making up the fictional language, he decided that ermahgerd is the word for no.

Arriving in the city of Dis disguised as tieflings, where they learned first hand the city is a terrible place. Vox Machina managed to find an Inn. Sampling soul stones, gathering information and locating Hotis the Rakshasa's. In typical Vox Machina fashion, coming up with a plan was a long winded affair and most likely not (for the most part) work.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 30th March


Critical Role Episode 92 - Deals in the Dark

Liam on Skype

Sentient Advertising Mechanoid 5000

"The evil war mongers of Johnson & Johnson" quote from Sentient Advertising Mechanoid 5000

Liam announces that his father is 6 feet away


Keyleth turns into an Erinyes, dealing with a Chain-devil

Winning deal

Laura arrives late

Arm-wrestling starring Trinket and Doty

Trinket wins and pees on Taryon

Ipkesh's contract

Keyleth wants a piece from the prison

Grog punished for using too much brain power

Shopping for materials from prison

"Roll-out" quote from Keyleth

Grog tries new meat

Contract signed for Percy, to eliminate a Pit Fiend, Utugash

Vasa the Imp

Cooking boar meat

Vasa leads the way to the prison

Taryon makes a door

Noelle Stevenson as Tova, a female dwarf

"You guys were shopping, I get it" quote from Noelle

"Home chemistry set accident" quote from Tova

Attack the prison guard

Tova turns into a bear

"Grip it with my left hand so it feels different" quote from Sam

Doty takes down: "I am the vanquisher of souls"

Utugash the Pit Fiend

The Sentient Advertising Mechanoid 5000 time traveled from the future to tell us (plug for Lootcrate) about the upcoming dangers for the world. Since he mention the pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson; I'll have to keep an eye on them for any possible wars in the world.

The episode itself was centred around taking or not taking a contract from winged created named Ipkesh. The contract which included various pacts (missions), from assassination of a pit fiend named Utugash, install two devils in a place of worship or become bind to the scribe (Ipkesh) and as a result gain divine powers. It was decided that assassination of the pit fiend was the best option as it would also tie in with the assassination of Hotis. This is helped by an Imp named Vasa to guide them in the same prison that both Utugash and Hotis are in.

Venturing inside the prison, Vox Machina rescue a female dwarf named Tova (played by Noelle Stevenson), who agrees to help them. After taking out some prison guards, they reach Utugash.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 6th April


Critical Role Episode 93 - Bats of out hell

Noelle Stevenson guests


"Vox Machina goes to hell" quote from Matt

Utugash uses telepathy

"We have a backup bear" quote from Sam

Taryon forms a window

Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window

Bear and bear side by side

Bears talk

Bone devil

Trinket in a cage

Taryon throws acid at Utugash

Doty collapses

Vax does the Van-Damme splits

More devils with spears

"Good day to you sir. Do you know my father?" quote from Taryon

Taryon picks up the book from Doty

Keyleth turns into a fire giant and chokeslams Utugash



Tova's story

Prison guards have been called

Taryon wants to stay with Doty

Universal surrender

Doty is taken apart

Vox Machina dragged through the crowd

Ipkesh is in the crowd

A devil gives directions to Hotis

Turned to bats

Bats being chased

Marisha's clutch death saving dice throw

Percy shooting at Bone devils

Searching for Hotis

Chain Golem

Hotis is gone

Tova decides to stay to find her friends

Everyone plane shifts, apart from Tova

Action pack episode with thrills and spills. Vox Machina and Tova face off against Utugash, to complete a contract that was given to them. The battle itself had Bone Devils, spilling oil a cage and a brave sacrifice of Doty. After the long battle, Tova finished off Utugash. The prison guards immediately rushed to the scene, where Vox Machina willfully surrendered. During the transport to another part of the prison, Vox Machina were given a tip of the whereabouts of Hotis. Turning into bats they managed to find a growing Hotis. Grog delivers the final blow and now curse of Hotis the Rakshasa is gone. Tova makes the decision to stay to find her friends as Vox Machina plane shift back to Whitestone.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 13th April


Critical Role Episode 94 - Jugs And Rods


Escaped to Whitestone

Trinket wasn't healed properly

Doty's last transcription: "As I, Taryon Darrington, embark on a mission into the very depths of hell; I do so with no fear of hesitation. Oh this undertaking is fought with peril. I have a secret weapon; the no inferno monster or hell-hound can do defeat. I am flanked by the ferocious band of mercenaries known as Vox Machina. In the days since meeting this rag-tag company our relationship has blossomed. At first I was viewed as a suspicious outsider. Then as a gallant entrusted colleague and now have proven my mettle, accepted as a life long brother and full fledged teammate. No matter what we faced in the abyss my comrades would risk their lives for me, kill for me and I am 100% sure each would gladly his or her life to save mine. Loyalty like that you can't put a price on it. But if I had to I say that their friendship is worth about 200-10000 gold, which even to me is a relatively large amount of money. Their faith emboldens me. But its more than that, I've started to wonder, if I have so easily won the confidence of these battled harden titans; perhaps I am even more venerable, more impressive than I ever knew. Perhaps after this mission I should return home. Newly confident to confront my father once and for all. Maybe the time has come to complete my journey here and show my family that I am indeed worthy to carry the Darrington name. But first revenge, soon we will venture to where nightmares are born and its going to be fun fun fun. That's all for now Doty, as always correct my grammatical errors before you rest and go fetch my sleep and night shirt."

What is Taryon's sexual preference?

Tal'Dorei appear (minus Uriel) and Aasimar boys


Pike finds out that Vox Machina went to hell

What is Taryon's type?

Search for Taryon a mate (female)

Contest to win over the bar maid

"Jugs and Rods" quote from Taryon

Grog pick-up line 1

Taryon pick-up line 1

"I give you like alot of money, will you tell that guy over there that we had a sweet shag?" quote from Grog

Grog's requested favour

Girls tips in flirting

Taryon tries again

Shauna Roa (spelling?)

Contest ends in a draw

Taryon ticks off his bucket list of defeating a Goliath

Percy was awkward with girls in his past

Taryon's troubled past

Grog offers to take Taryon to a house of lady favours

Pike visits brothels

Trish the dish

Trish and T.D (Taryon) go for a walk in the moonlight

"Tell my story" quote from Taryon

Percy tries to scry on... Scanlan

Reverse whisper

Percy scries to find Scanlan

Grog and Pike wait for Taryon

Percy reveals to Vex that he scryed on Scanlan

Vax and Keyleth drunk

Cassandra is stuffing herself with cake and tea

Percy hires a private eye to watch Scanlan

Drunk adventures starring Grog and Pike

Details of Taryon's one night stand

"My body is a temple and I wouldn't sully it like that" quote from Taryon

Details of the Grey hunt

Vex meditates by the Sun tree

Trinket pops out into a tight space

Vex has a vision of the target

Vex and Gray Render battle


Vex returns

Prepare for time skip

Escaping hell, Vox Machina return to Whitestone. Unfortunately, Doty didn't make it leaving Taryon devastated with the loss of his best friend. Pike arrived at Whitestone where she meets Vox Machina. To resolve Taryon's loss, they propose that he should have a one night stand with a person in a tavern. A bar maid named Shana (spelling?) was the choice. To up the stakes, Grog competes against Taryon in winning the affections of Shana. The competition ends in a draw but Taryon did accomplish in beating a Goliath; to tick off a bucket list task. Shana, sensing the mood, uses her connections and manages to "help" Taryon out. Trisha (Trish the dish who is Whitestone's arm-wrestling champion) takes Taryon up to a room with his one night. Pike and Grog decided to stay in wait for Taryon. Next morning, Taryon returns. Sam Riegel was on comedic fire as he described Taryon's one night.

To earn the title of Mistress of the Grey hunt, Vex was tasked in taking out a random creature in the forest. She, with Trinket went to the sun tree where she mediated and saw a vision of the target. Going to the forest, Vex and Trinket battle against a Gray Render.

Matt drops a major bomb where he announces that there will be a time-skip of a year after the events of the Grey hunt. However, that won't happen next episode as this week's a special episode where Liam is DM and Matt is finally a player.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 20th April


Liam's quest: Full Circle

Ashley shuffle

Sam is dreaming

Liam's dick (not his dick)

Not Sam's kids

"You can certainly try" quote from Liam

Bixby is dead

"Muppet babies" quote from Matt

Meet the kids

Tv's Sam Riegel

"You're too fat to be Laura" quote from Sam

Taliesin in kid form, from the film Mr Mom

"This is science" quote from Liam

Travis looks like Vern from Stand by me


Attacked from a skin-less cat

Marisha, teen form

Matt, glasses, near mullet, hawaiian shirt and a bard

"Matt, you look f*cking rad" quote from Ash-o-lee

"We lived in different states" quote from Travis

Battle with more skin-less cats

Old man gone

Sound of a war horn


Taliesin wants to serve satan

Ash-o-lee bites into dead cat

"Chew deep and revel in the insanity" quote from Matt

Ash-o-lee smears the blood from Marisha, on her face

Travis is ripped in half

Sam is slashed

Taliesin is dead

Viscious monkery by Matt

Sam is dead

Laura away due to illness

New story

Neil Druckmann walking to Ashley

All in full motion capture suits

At Naughty Dog's volume for motion capture

Sides are given

Ashley asks Neil for a prop knife

Neil asks for J.B (J.B Blanc)

Matt finally gets to work with Neil Druckmann


Acting in the volume

Tentacle monster emerges out from the floor

Neil Druckmann as fallen over

Marisha searches for a memory card

Screen says Husband

Sam talking to the tentacle bot

Neil is impaled

Marisha takes down a mechanoid being

Talesin want to kancho a bot, but fails

More Matt viscious mockery

Sam leaves his photo and resume on Neil Druckmann's fallen body

Enter a large dome chamber

Liam O'Brien in the glass chamber

Liam speaks through a speaker, robotic in tone

Chamber room falling apart

Wake up time

Special with Liam as a DM and this time Matt is a player. In a slight continuation of Liam's story of the group defeating an evil Conan O'Brien. This time its in a dream of Sam's where the group are in much younger form. Each player got their drawing of their form. The best was Matt's with his glasses and hawaiian shirt. The group was wiped out by a Demogorgon.

Second story and this time it was in Naughty Dog's volume where the group was mo-capping for a game. Matt finally got to work with Neil Druckmann (worked on Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us); but the session was interrupted by mechanical beings formed from the cabling and all electrical items in the room. Defeating the beings lead the group to a chamber where Liam was in a liquid filled glass tube and a projected Liam on the screen behind. Robotic sounding Liam (which he actually did) spoke of destroying himself to save everyone.

Good stuff from Liam, especially killing off the players so easily in the first game. Second game was more closer to the heart as if it was a way for Liam to convey his feelings towards his friends. Sam did keep it real during the second game where he lay his photo and resume on the fallen body of Neil Druckmann.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 27th April


Critical Role Episode 95 - One Year Later

"That's what we do" quote from Travis

Sam arrives with a god-like t-shirt of Matt's face

One year time skip

Grog was bored. Couldn't find Scanlan. Found on magical items. Went to Vasselheim. Gets a bear tatoo. Made a cup using Kevdak's skull. Defends his title against Kern the hammer. Took a mission from the Slayers take. Grog takes out a deck of many things to a hung-over person. Grog made someone into a lord.

"It was a f*cking year. Did you not think this was going to happen?" quote from Travis, to Laura

Pike joins with Grog in fighting in the crucible in Vasselheim. Teaches Grog how to read. Learns to be more stealthy. Checks on Willhand (Pike's grandfather). Fassbender has returned to owner. Sends money to family. Opens a bakery called Slayers cake. Scanlan couldn't be found.

Vex went to find the offspring of the Gray Render that she slayed. Builds a house. Taryon moves in. Becomes an embassador of Singorn for Whitestone. Bakery.

Vax goes to Zephra. Vax and Keyleth get tatoos. Went creature hunting with Grog. Couldn't find Scanlan. Went to Singorn with Vex to visit little sister.

Keyleth went on diplomacy visit to other Ashari tribes. Sets up defence system called Crisis orbs. Grows a new tree. Learning alchemy.

"Cervix" quote from Sam

Finally went to the theatre in the feywild

Percy actually works for Whitestone. Percy failed to make glasses. Makes a royal guard, the Rifleman of Whitestone. Trying to modernise the city, underground heating using steam.

Taryon building and working. Builds Doty 2.0, but only says "Tary". Upgraded his armour. Makes an earring. Makes himself a flying broom.

Laura with a dirty mind

Winter's crest coming up

Celebrating Winter's crest at Marquet

Cenokir at the fire plane and informed him about the burial of his wife's ashes. Percy commissions Cenokir a task.

What does Pike like about Taryon?

Sail to Marquet

Bay of gifts

"Shamone!" quote from Laura

"Vacations are my favourite terrain" quote from Taryon

Dalian's closet hotel

Quath (spelling?) the hotel manager?

Pike asks for free drinks

Taryon gives Vax a present

To the beach

Go pearl diving

Pike finds a sea cucumber

Grog's rage digging

Sand castle dice rolls

Vax takes Taryon's armour

"What do you mean Tary?" quote from Taryon

Vax hides Taryon's armour in Percy's room

Taryon summons 2 mastiffs to tarnish Percy's and Vex's room

Pike and Grog went their hair braided

Percy and Vex return to their room, destroyed, dog are mating

Epic backfire


Trinket chasing after Vax and pinned

Vax is peed on

Taryon is fine

Keyleth controls urine from the room outside

Hotel manager discovers the room

Mastiffs don't exist in Marquet

Vex visits Taryon

Doty cleans the room

Vacation over

Back to Whitestone

Grog shows Pike the deck of many things

Weeks go by

Keyleth visits the sun-tree

Meet the Trickfoots

Taking freebies at the Slayers Cake

At the Slayers Cake

Have the Trickfoot's heard of Scanlan?

Freshen up for dinner

Dinner with the Trickfoots

"Yes Grand Poobah" quote from the Chef

Protect Pike from the curse

Info about the curse

"You wanna a proper tour of these nuts" quote from Travis

The past of Willhand

One year in the story has past. Vox Machina do their individual things. Grog changing someone's life, an opening of a bakery, Doty 2.0. Vox Machina finally take a vacation, to the Bay of gifts in Marquet. This turns out into a brilliant beach resort episode as Vox Machina cause havoc, all thanks to Vax. Fast forward to present day and the Trickfoot family arrive in Whitestone to visit Pike. They receive freebies at the Slayers Cake bakery and even invited to dinner. Vox Machina learn of a curse that has haunted the Trickfoot family, possibly affecting Pike.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 4th May


Critical Role Episode 96 Family Matters

Ashley late

Marisha offers a Signal boost series starring Travis to talk about sports ball

Morning after dinner with the Trickfoot's

Should they bring Wilhand to Whitestone?

Percy offers a tour of Whitestone to the Trickfoot's

Grog wants a tour guide hat

Grog's campus tours

Vex and Percy make Grog a tour hat

"Astrix" quote from Grog

"Gohan" quote from Grog

Grog and Percy's tour

Ashley arrives

Pike, Keyleth, Vex and Taryon find Wilhand

"It's a pleasure to make your actaintance" quote from Taryon

"A pen*s" quote from Keyleth

"It's a pleasure to make your acc*ntance" quote from Taryon

History of Wilhand

"Diabetes" quote from Wilhand

"Don't be penises" quote from Wilhand

"It is been lovely making your acquiatanus" quote from Taryon

Return to Whitestone

Firecracker alley

Kynan Leore, now the Captain rifleman

Simon the snake belt

"Its a belt" quote from Kynan

"Can I have my snake back?" quote from Vax

Grog and Vax play with guns

Grog was shot on the knee

Pike and Ogden private chat in the temple of Sarenrae

History of the curse

"Sneezing fairies" quote from Pike

Vex takes JB a tour of her home

JB tells Taryon, with Doty writing about the Trickfoot curse

Pamphlet of the Trickfoot curse

Grog wants to take off the hat

Pikes about a ritual with Vox Machina

Definition of Avarice

Full moon in 4 nights

Vax casts divine sense to see if Pike is a fiend or demonic. Nothing found

Preparations for the ritual

The smell of the Vax's armour is Lavender

"I'm as weak as Grog is stupid" quote from Vex

Taryon's first time in mist form

To the cliff for the exorcism

Set up camp

The exorcism begins

Taryon drinks the potion of mind-reading

Mind-reading failed

Battle with strange being

"Its not real" quote from Vex

Doty carries Ogden to the edge of the cliff

Illusion is broken

Pike asks JB to stay

"There actually is a curse on our family. Its called diabeetus" quote from Pike

Pretty fun episode this time around, especially learning about the Trickfoot's history. To entertain the Trickfoot's, Grog, Percy and Vax offer to take the family a tour around Whitestone; while Pike, Vex, Keyleth and Taryon head to Westruun to visit Wilhand Trickfoot. Grog is given an amazing tour hat as the Grand Poobah himself expertly details the history of each site. In Wilhand's residence, Pike learns the history of the Trickfoot's. Back to Whitestone, Pike informs the rest of Vox Machina about an exorcism to help rid the curse that's plagued the family. An exorcism is arrange with the Trickfoot's as they set up camp near a cliff. The Trickfoot's begin the exorcism which leads Vox Machina in battling a whirlwind with multiple faces on it. It turns out to be a ruse as the Trickfoot tried to steal a diamond from Vox Machina. Coming clean, Ogden reveals that they weren't happy with Pike's generous donation. Pike, requesting JB to stay, demand the remaining Trickfoot's to leave and never to seen again. Pike revealed that the curse could along be Diabetes (or Diabeetus if you're Ashley).

Is the curse of the Trickfoot's really diabetes or is there something more to it?
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 11th May


Critical Role Episode 97 - Taryon, My Wayward Son

Backblaze is back as a sponsor

Infomercial for Backblaze

Try to retrieve the diamond

Keyleth dives off a cliff and turns into a goldfish

Keyleth is dead, Marisha the moron

Keyleth is alive again, the moron

Keyleth is mocked for her stupidness

"We're gods before she hit" quote from Vex

Return to Whitestone

Inspect a wagon from the Trickfoot's

JB offered a job at the Slayers cake

Hilda, waiting for her husband, wanting work at the Slayers cake, makes an amazing cream puff

Scrying for Hilda's husband, Dathen, can't be found

Vax takes a peek at Hilda by the window

Keeper Yennen

JB is taken on a tour of the library

Pike reveals she has night terrors

Backstory of the Vecna's black ball in the Ziggurat

Vex see's another plane of existence

"Backblaze dimension" quote from Taliesin

Obsidian tower

Grog reads a book on Werewolves



Allura and Kima are married

Taryon gone?

"Tary?" quote from Doty 2.0

Taryon was taken from Hilda the Drow

"B*tch!" quote from Keyleth

"Hilda never showed up for her interview" quote from Pike

Search the home, real Hilda was tied up

"Do you want to work at a bakery?" quote from Vex

Finding Taryon


Turns out the Drow was a chat made character from Matt's Q&A

Taryon wakes up, bound and on horse back

"Have I won a lottery of some sorts?" quote from Taryon

Taryon's hometown, Dearstock (spelling?)

History of Taryon's father

Waiting for the horse

Horse is shot by Percy

"No, PETA!" quote from Laura

Taryon rescued

Karine (spelling?) the Drow

Assign a new mission for Karine (spelling?) the Drow

"She's gone full Phoebe from Friends" quote from Matt

Darrington estate

Berholt (spelling?) the Dragonborn (Ravenite) servant

Master Howard Darrington

Darrington's are in financial trouble

Plan to marry off Taryon to the Truskuns (spelling?) family, Lydia the daughter

Lord Jaifer (spelling?)

The Myriad Syndicate

The Many

Grumpy Lily bar

"Rusty Trombone" quote from Liam

A brilliant but stupid beginning starring Keyleth and Marisha. Diving off a cliff to retrieve a diamond, Keyleth/Marisha thought it would be a brilliant idea to turn into a goldfish. Unfortunately she crashes onto the cliff face at full speed and instantly dies. Massively lucky that Vex uses a revivify coin to resurrect Keyleth. Really funny but insanely stupid and what a cheap way to have a character to die. All members of Vox Machina have died
at least once, with Keyleth's being so far the most stupid.

Returning to the Slayers Cake in Whitestone, Vox Machina meet a woman named Hilda who wanted a job at the bakery. Won over with Hilda's cream puff desserts, they arrange an interview with her and visit Keeper Yennen for a background check. Being paranoid, Vex and Vax visit Hilda's home and all they see is her crying and a stool. The next day, Taryon is reported missing and visit Hilda's home. They find a tied person and it was the real Hilda. Using a scrying spell, Vox Machina see that Taryon has been kidnapped by a woman who looks like Hilda.

Vox Machina managed to transport themselves infront of the horse, carrying Taryon. The kidnapper is revealed to be a Drow named Karine (spelling?) who was assigned to retrieve Taryon back to his father, Howard. Arriving to Taryon's home town Dearstock (spelling?) they enter the Darrington estate where they meet Taryon's father. Howard Darrington (Taryon's father) reveals that the family are in financial trouble and needs to have Taryon marry into another family in hope of clearing the Darrington's debt to the Myriad syndicate.
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