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Default [Rogue Productions Guyver Out of Control] Released!

Hi everyone!

After 8 months of production, the Rogue Productions' Guyver Out of Control fan dub is available on YouTube.

Warning this video is for mature audiences only!

I hope you all enjoy it and feedback is more that welcome!

Also a big thank you to all the guys that took part and made this happen!


"Sho Fukamachi, a young school boy, discovers a mysterious metal object. A blinding flash, and Sho finds that he has accidental fused with the GUYVER, an alien bio-armour of unlimited power. To save the life of his friend Mizuki Segawa, Sho must battle the Chronos corporation and their biomorphic creatures, the Zoanoids. Only the power of the Guyver can stop Chronos' plan to conquer the world, but can Sho stand up to the power of Chronos' own mysterious female Guyver II"

Guyver Out of Control is an animation from 1986, which unlike it's later incarnations, never received an English dub or an official UK release. Now Rogue Productions are pleased to announce we will be the first to dub this gem of an animation.

(In order of Apearance)
Driver [Jinjuuryuu]
Malmot [Martin]
Father [Martin]
Sho [Martin]
Mother [Veridia]
Mizuki [CatSinger]
Mono [Nick]
Gregor [Jinjuuryuu]
Chronos Trooper A [Dr Orochi]
Makishima [Mugen26]
Takaya [Cyrus]
Scream Girl [Veridia]
Valcuria [Veridia]
Detective Akitsu Human [Dr Orochi]
Detective Akitsu Zoanoid [Jinjuuryuu]
Scientist [Martin]
Doctor [CatSinger]
Ishiwatori [Dr Orochi]
Ship Yard Announcer [Dr Orochi]
Guyver III [Dr Orochi]
Epilogue [Nick]

Speal thanks to the following sites!
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