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Casting Call Audition for voice acting projects created by members of BTVA. Project owners can manage the entire project from start all the way through to casting.

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Default Final Fantasy 8 Voiceover Project

Final Fantasy 8 Voiceover Project (Audition deadline set to July 1)

Hello talented voice actors and actresses!

Many of you have no doubt heard of, have auditioned for, or have been involved with one of the many Final Fantasy 8 fandubs that have floated around the internet for the past decade. Record some dialogue, someone puts it over a video, and it shows up on youtube. Cool right? WRONG!!

Wouldn't it be way cooler if your voice was just in the game? Well guess what? It totally can be!

That's right, I said your voice can be in Final Fantasy 8.

I'll just let that sink in for a moment. . .

Are you excited? Good, 'cause that's what I'm looking for. I will be running a project to voice the entire main quest of FF8, and release it as a free, downloadable mod (PC only) for anyone who wants to use it, and your name will appear in the game's opening movie!

Cool, right? I'm opening auditions for nearly every character in the game. As mentioned, every character that has main story dialogue will be voiced, so PLEASE audition for any character you think your voice fits.

I'm looking for people who are very passionate about bringing these characters to life. Please, only audition if you are able to be in contact with me and dedicate some of your spare time to this project for at least six months. I don't want anyone dropping out after months of hard work from everyone else. Don't be shy, even if you think your voice doesn't fit a character. It might fit another character you never knew existed. If you're not sure which character you can voice, just read from some of the scenes below, in the third post, and have fun with it!

The sound quality of these voices has to be as professional as possible. You either must have a microphone that records your voice clearly and without static hums or background noise, or be willing to purchase one if you're selected for a role. This doesn't have to be a huge investment, I have a $20 Microsoft LiveChat headset with very good voice quality. In addition, I may require some of you (especially the major roles) to be able to skype with me while you're recording some of the longer or more important scenes.

Unless otherwise stated, all characters will speak with a standard American English accent.

The deadline for auditions is currently set to July 1st. I will announce all the roles on July 4th, and whether I need auditions for any unfilled roles. This should give you all plenty of time to make a mind-blowing voice reel.

How to Audition[list]
Simply record your audition/demo and upload it to the BTVA project page. If you have seen this project on another voice acting website, you may submit your audition to EITHER the other website OR on BTVA's casting call. Please do not post auditions to both.

Pronunciations for some of the more difficult character names can be found here. I know that these pronunciations are not accurate to the original Japanese version. We're pronouncing them as they're read/spelled in English.

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