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Default Your Perfect Fighting Game

In honor of the new Super Smash Brothers game, I ask you this : what would be the perfect fighting game for you? What characters would you want to play as SSB style? Rules to my question :

1. You can use any character from any fictional franchise. Nintendo, SEGA, Capcom, Midway, Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, anything.
2. Make sure the character count isn't outrageous. It should be reasonable, like the amount of characters a real fighting game would have.
3. Tell me your dream voice cast. You don't have to do this, but I would like the cast to represent the current VA's for the characters, as if the game came out today (Roger Craig Smith as Sonic, Kyle Hebert as Ryu, Sean Shemmell as Goku, so on.)

If enough people respond, I'll show you my cast.
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Default Re: Your Perfect Fighting Game

(sees topic)

Oh, you don't know what sort of monster you've started. I'll be back.

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Default Re: Your Perfect Fighting Game

DC vs. Marvel.

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Default Re: Your Perfect Fighting Game

I almost suggested Pokémon Fighter, but it would basically be identical to Pokémon Stadium.
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Default Re: Your Perfect Fighting Game

Did anyone ever play MUGEN?

It's basically this freeware, highly-customizable fighting game. People have made loads of characters and stages for it, and you can design your own too, so it's basically got an unlimited number of characters.

When I played MUGEN, I had around eighty characters from all sorts of companies and franchises. Capcom (e.g. Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Mega Man, some one-offs like Jill from Resident Evil and Kyosuke from Rival Schools), SNK (Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters), Arc System Works (Guilty Gear), and then some assorted characters--Marvel characters from MVC2, Sonic the Hedgehog, Link from Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Don Patch from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. It was LOADS of fun. Ate up my whole summer back in the day.

Seriously. It was great.

Anyway, my ideal fighting game would be a new Capcom VS SNK! Ideally (though I know this isn't exactly realistic), it'd have the same characters as CVS2, plus the following newcomers, 10 on each side:

Juri (Street Fighter)
Karin (Street Fighter)
Elena (Street Fighter)
Cody (Final Fight)
Demitri (Darkstalkers)
Felicia (Darkstalkers)
Tessa (Red Earth)
Hayato (Star Gladiator)
Edward Falcon (Power Stone)
Rouge (Power Stone)

K' (King of Fighters)
Ash Crimson (King of Fighters)
Elisabeth (King of Fighters)
Adelheid (King of Fighters)
Leona (King of Fighters)
Robert Garcia (Art of Fighting)
Blue Mary (Fatal Fury)
B. Jenet (Fatal Fury)
Iroha (Samurai Shodown)
Kaede (Last Blade)

NOTE: I didn't include characters from games like Mega Man or Metal Slug, since the point of the Capcom VS SNK series is to include only characters from fighting game franchises.

In total, that'd probably be 70 characters. I know that's not realistic for a real game, but that's why they invented MUGEN.

I've got plenty more ideas, might even list some voice actors for the newcomers (BTW--returning characters will have their voice actors replaced if they have done so in the mother franchise. For example, Hiroki Takahashi would voice Ryu rather than Toshiyuki Morikawa) I'll keep coming back.

US resources. Canada resources 1 and 2. I've donated, you can too. Black Lives Matter and happy Pride.
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Default Re: Your Perfect Fighting Game

A friend of mine helped install Mugen onto my computer, but it kept crashing because there were too many characters.
Building from the ground up.
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Default Re: Your Perfect Fighting Game

Heroic Destiny
Spider-Man-Josh Keaton
Batman-Kevin Conroy
Momoyo Kawakami-Colleen Clinkenbeard
Mugen-Steve Blum
Amuro Ray (Nu Gundam)-Brad Swaile
Yuri Lowell-Troy Baker
Edward Elric-Vic Mignogna
Ryu-Kyle Hebert
Natsuki Kuga-Colleen Clinkenbeard
Ryu Hayabusa-Josh Keaton
Toph Bei Fong (Young)-Kate Higgins
Good Cole-Mark Hamill
Green Goblin-Steve Blum
Deathstroke-Ron Perlman
Kratos-Terrence Carson
Evil Cole-Mark Hamill
Char Aznable (Sazabi)-Michael Kopsa
Alexi-DC Douglas
Scar-J. Michael Tatum
Albert Wesker-DC Douglas
Arakune-Spike Spencer
Volf-Darren Norris
Azula-Grey Delisle
Alex Mercer-Troy Baker
Secret Characters
Solid Snaker-David Hayter
Okami Amaterasu-Kate Higgins (Ammy) Greg Ayres (Issun)
Battler Ushiromiya-Kevin Conroy
Ghost Godzilla (GMK Goji)-Fred Tatasciore
Sephiroth-Fred Tatasciore
Non-Player Characters
The 10th Doctor-David Tennant
Featherine Augustustus Aurora-Jessica Boone
Lamdadelta-Tara Platt
Bernketsal-Mela Lee

Give me a week or two I'll think of another completely.
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Default Re: Your Perfect Fighting Game

Sega All Stars Knock Out!

Sonic - Roger Craig Smith
Tails - Kate Higgens
Knuckles - Travis Willingham
Amy Rose - Grey DeLisle
Dr Eggman - Mike Pollock
Ristar - Frank Welker (his Oswald the Lucky Rabbit voice)
Akira Yuki - Crispen Freeman
Pai Chan - Laura Baily
Axel Stone - Troy Baker
Blaze Fielding - Kari Wahlgren
Gilius Thunderhead - Jim Ward
Tyris Flare - Vanessa Marshall
Death Adder - JB Blanc
Altered Beast - Dee Bradley Baker
Vectorman - Brian George
Sketch Turner - Diedrich Bader
Bayonetta - Helena Taylor
Jack Cayman - Steven Blum

... can someone please help me here
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Default Re: Your Perfect Fighting Game

Depends on how you look at it I guess, but some games have their peaks in the franchise.

For example, I still think the best Street Fighter game is Alpha 3, But SFIV in the main series is also pretty good. SFV ruined it with lack of content and the unecessary, ven insulting "censorship".

When it comes to Tekken... Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is nothing short of brilliant. Main series... Somehow I still think Tekken 3 holds the standard. It has the best balance, music that suits every character, good environments and rewarding arcade endings... Also Anna's "Mystic Booty Taunt" ....... DON'T JUDGE ME!!!

Smash Bros...... Okay, that's where I'm mixed. Wii U is the most creative when it comes to playability. Brawl when it comes to single player as well as multiplayer owns the crown. Melee in terms of over all balance (though Mewtwo could have been better, even if some people learned how to use him properly) is still arguably the best.... and the first one had the most passion in it when it came to development. Just listen to the difference between Captain Falcon yelling "FALCON PUNCH" between the first game and Melee.

One of my favourites is Soul Calibur. Soul Calibur II had some of the most creative gameplay for its type of gameplay. Soul Calibur III was nothing short of amazing: A brilliant single player arcade system, where you could choose which way you could go and how the ending can be effected by button choices. Fun gameplay, characters that actually had some... well, character XD. The side games were really creative and fun-and then: The character creation. Though a little rushed when it came to some ideas (seriously, depending on what you wear is what determines if you're neutral, good or evil? That was weak to me) Everything else was brilliant! You could have your own weapon system, you can unlock all sorts of clothing, even abilities and there was a single player story which involves your customized character. THAT was nothing short of AMAZING! Throw in some character exhibitions showing off how the characters used their weapons and you have a complete fighting game. Then along came Soul Calibur IV and....... What the hell happened? Seriously, a lot of content was gone and some of the ideas was just weird. Sure it was cool to play as the Star Wars characters but even then, a little shallow. Then came Soul Calibur V........ Oh GOD how that game frustrated me! There was so much potential! Probably one of the greatest create-a-character modes in gaming, some really solid gameplay (albeit a little unbalanced) and you could play as Ezio... Freaking Ezio! But other than that, there's nothing. The story mode is PATHETIC, the arcade single player is just insulting and... What more can I say, other than just reboot the franchise?

Wow, I went on for a while XD
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Default Re: Your Perfect Fighting Game

I always really wanted a Mortal Kombat vs. Soul Calibur game.

Heck, I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been a Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter game, I'd have expected that far sooner than Mortal Kombat vs. DC.
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