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View Poll Results: Favorite Incarnation of TMNT
1987 Show 5 15.63%
'90s Movies 2 6.25%
Next Mutation 1 3.13%
2003 Show 14 43.75%
TMNT (2007) Movie 1 3.13%
2012 Show 8 25.00%
2014-present Movies 1 3.13%
Voters: 32. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Favorite Incarnation of TMNT

The 2003 series made me a TMNT fan and the 87 AND 2012 series are tied since both have their flaws.Rewatching the series never gets old. The major Standout was Wayne's Mikey, with his impressions, nerdiness, etc. it's a hard performance to replace, thev rest are are easy to take over as successors have shown.
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Default Re: Favorite Incarnation of TMNT

I'd say the sheer cheesiness yet lightheartedness of the 1987 Series managed to honestly resonate with me in a way the darker & edgier 2003 Series as well as the mixed interpretation of the 2012 Series did not, but that's primarily because when I imagine mutated Ninja Turtles eating cheese & pepperoni pizzas while trying to save the world, I feel like it's just a fun adventure of sorts in the end (and it could also be serious during the "Red Sky" seasons as well, so it proved it could handle that as well, IMO).

I'd say that if you want something really faithful to the comic stories that's dark & gritty, 2003 is your thing, and if you want lightheartedness mixed in with seriousness, 2012 would be your thing, IMO.

90's Movies, eh, not big on them much, but I guess they weren't bad.

2014-present Movies, really not feeling much out of them at all, though.
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Default Re: Favorite Incarnation of TMNT

The 2012 series for me, a perfect blend of the 80's cartoon and the comics, as well as influences from the first live-action movie, the 2007 animated movie, and even the 4kids series.
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The Doctor
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Default Re: Favorite Incarnation of TMNT

Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
Although, based on what I have heard, the IDW comics might become my favorite once I get around reading them.
Since making this post, I have bought and read the first three hardcover collections (i.e. these things), which collect all the main issues, micro issues and mini-series in the chronological reading order, and the IDW comics truly have become my favorite TMNT continuity.

The comics have perfect tone for something called "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", with them not being afraid of the more absurd aspects of the franchise, but also having engaging story and actual character development. And if you thought that the 2k12 show was packed with references and reinventions of past elements of the franchise, these comics are a gold mine of old TMNT material with new twists. I especially like how Bebop and Rocksteady are both the goofy comic relief we know and love from the 80's show and genuinely formidable adversaries at the same time. My favorite aspect of these comics still has to be Alopex, who is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite TMNT characters and I'm so happy that she is going to appear in the 2k12 show, which means that there's a chance for her to become a mainstay in TMNT franchise.

If I have to nitpick something, I guess that the new reincarnation - aspect in the backstory of the Turtles and Splinter feels little weird and I'm not sure if I'm completely sold on the idea, but it doesn't detrack my overall enjoyment and they do a lot of interesting things with it. It isn't my favorite iteration of the origin, but it works for this particular incarnation.

So, while the 90s movies still have the solid second place in my heart (well, outside of the third one) and I stand by my original statement of all TMNT incarnations having their pros and cons, I would vote the IDW comics, if I could. Although, I understand why the poll was limited to the most well-known iterations of the franchise, since including everything would make it unnecessarily long and open tons of can of worms.
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EPA Deane
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Default Re: Favorite Incarnation of TMNT

The 2003 Series for Me. It was the Show that made Donatello My Favourite Turtle and Has My Favourite Atmosphere of all Incarnations of TMNT.

The 1990's Films Were My First Exposure To The Franchise so I Have a Soft spot for It.

I vaguely Recall Watching Syndicated Repeat of The 1980's show and Viewed it on YouTube and It's Good but I find it A Little Stilted At Pointed so I don't gravitate to it that Much (Which is Why I'm Not that Annoyed Turtles Forever) .

The 2012 Series....... Hmmm...... I Like a Lot of the Casting Choices (Casting Gags) and the Show has my Favourite Version of Raphael..... but I REALLY don't like Donatello and Michelangelo in the show, The Art Style is Not to my Taste, The Writing Felt Uneven and (this may come off as Nitpicking) I didn't like the show not doing a crossover with the 2003 series (with TMNT doing Homages to The 80's Show and The 90's Films).

I don't Really have Much to say about the Other Versions.
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Default Re: Favorite Incarnation of TMNT

Red Sky seasons of the TMNT 1987. Yes, these seasons have an ambiguous attitude of community. But for me these seasons were great, and I would glad if the original show would be like that from the very beginning. The eighth season is the darkest in the show. The villains have become really cruel (and I enjoyed the same Dregg).

TMNT 2003. This show has a perfect atmosphere of all incarnations of TMNT. Also great shown the growth of the team, the characters development and the classy Shredder. And story writing was awesome.

TMNT 2012. A good balance between comedy, action and story. There were absurd moments, there were dramatic moments. Also in this show the features of the mutation were shown very creepy. I think I would be scared if I watched this show as a child.
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