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Lightbulb Re: Teen Titans

Ocean Group (Vancouver, Canada):
  • Robin: Andrew Francis
  • Starfire: Katie Griffin
  • Beast Boy: Richard Ian Cox
  • Cyborg: Colin Murdock
  • Raven: Venus Terzo
  • Aqualad: Ted Cole
  • Speedy: Kirby Morrow
  • Bumblebee: Lenore Zann
  • Mas/Menos: Saffron Henderson
  • Slade: Paul Dobson
  • Trigon: Michael Ironside
  • Blackfire: Kathleen Barr
  • Mento: David Kaye
  • Negative Man: Ian James Corlett
  • Elastigirl: Jeannie Elias
  • Robotman: Brian Drummond
  • Brain: Brian Dobson
  • Monsieur Mallah: Michael Dobson
  • Brother Blood: Mark Acheson
  • Terra: Kelly Sheridan
  • Jinx: Janyse Jaud
  • Gizmo: Jillian Michaels
  • Madame Rouge: Teryl Rothery
  • Argent: Maggie O'Hara
  • Kole: Andrea Libman
  • Gnarrk: Ty Olsson
  • Trident: David Sobolov
  • Thunder: Lee Tockar
  • Lightning: Brad Swaile
  • Dr. Light: Garry Chalk
  • Kid Flash: Mark Hildreth
  • Hot Spot: Christopher Britton
  • Arella: Tabitha St. Germain

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Default Re: Teen Titans

I edited your post and you need to knock it off immediately with the 'real dream cast' nonsense. Also, do not ever call people out on what is or is not a proper dream cast. There are no rules so they can have it however they want.
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Default Re: Teen Titans

Originally Posted by NCZ View Post
I think we can all agree is that the best thing for this topic would be to get it back on track. So...

Robin: Steve Staley
Starfire: Sandy Fox
Raven: Jessica Straus
Cyborg: Beau Billingslea
Beast Boy: Quinton Flynn
As Grown ups right?
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Default Re: Teen Titans

As the age they are in the show.
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Default Re: Teen Titans

Originally Posted by NCZ View Post
As the age they are in the show.
I assume you have more.
"Do or do not, there is No try." - Yoda, Star Wars
"Internet Memes maybe funny, but some of them are too much" - An Orginal
"I've heard of this. Never played it, though." - The Great NCZ at Grim Fandango
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Default Re: Teen Titans

Matt Hill - Robin I/Dick Grayson
Venus Terzo - Starfire
Daniel Bacon - Victor Stone/Cyborg, Mal Duncan/Guardian
Samuel Vincent - Wally West/Kid Flash I
Cathy Weseluck - Donna Troy/Wonder Girl
Kirby Morrow - Garth/Aqualad
Mark Hildreth - Roy Harper/Speedy
Brian Drummond - Garfield Logan/Beast Boy
Tabitha St Germain - Raven
Gabe Khouth - Connor Kent/Superboy
Shannon Chan-Kent - Megan Morse/Miss Martian
Alessandro Juliani -Jamie Reyes/Blue Beetle
Ron Perlman - Deathstroke
Kelly Hu - Jade/Chesire, Blackfire
James Sie - Brother Blood
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Default Re: Teen Titans

Yeah, I know this miiight be Necro-posting, But I really wanna post my Texas VA Teen Titans.

Main Cast:
Robin/Dick Grayson: Chris Patton
Cyborg/Victor Stone: Chris Sabat
Raven/Raven Roth: Luci Christian
Starfire/Koriand'r: Monica Rial
Beast Boy/Garfield "Gar" Mark Logan: Greg Ayres
Terra/Princess Tara Markov: Brittney Karbowski
Jericho: NVA
Slade: Dameon Clarke

If you want more, leave a suggestion. I'm open!
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Default Re: Teen Titans

Hard to believe I missed this one.

*Robin / Dick Grayson - Richard Ian Cox
*Kid Flash / Wally West - Aidan Drummond
*Wonder Girl / Cassandra Sandsmark - Ashleigh Ball
*Beast Boy / Garfield Logan - Cathy Weseluck
*Starfire / Koriand'r - Kira Tozer
*Cyborg / Victor Stone - Daniel Bacon
*Raven / Rachel Roth - Rebecca Shoichet
*Aqualad / Garth - Sam Vincent
*Speedy / Roy Harper - Vincent Tong
*Bumblebee / Karen Beecher-Duncan - Dorla Bell
*Superboy / Kon-El / Connor Kent - Andrew Francis
*Miss Martian / M'gann M'orzz / Megan Morse - Andrea Libman

*Trigon the Terrible - Paul Dobson
*Deathstroke / Slade Wilson - Michael Dobson
*Terra / Tara Markov - Kelly Metzger
*Doctor Arthur Light - Scott McNeil
*Psimon / Doctor Simon Jones - Trevor Devall
*Jinx - Chiara Zanni
*Mammoth / Baran Flinders - Brian Dobson
*Shimmer / Selinda Flinders - Lara Gilchrist
*Gizmo / Mikron O'Jeneus - Gabe Khouth
*Brain - Brian Drummond
*Monsieur Mallah - Brian Drummond
*Madame Rouge / Laura De Mille - Tabitha St. Germain
*General Immortus - Christopher Gaze
*Plasmus / Otto von Furth - Ian James Corlett
*Warp / Emil LaSalle - Peter New
*Brother Blood - Mark Oliver
*Blackfire / Komand'r - Kira Tozer
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Default Re: Teen Titans


Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson: Wil Wheaton
Wonder Girl/Donna Troy: Kate Higgins
Cyborg/Victor Stone: Omar Gooding
Raven: Olivia d'Abo
Starfire/Princess Koriandr: Emmanuelle Chriqui
Changeling/Garfield Logan: Jeremy Shada
Terra/Tara Markov: Lacey Chabert
Deathstroke the Terminator/Slade Wilson: Eric Roberts
Adeline Kane: Linda Hamilton
Wintergreen: Robin Atkin Downes
HIVE Leader: Brian George
Wally West: Jason Marsden
Frances Kane: Kari Wahlgren
Sarah Simms: Tara Strong
Terry Long: Chris Hardwick
Ravager/Grant Wilson: Crispin Freeman
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Default Re: Teen Titans

Robin- Yuri Lowenthal

Starfire- Ashley Johnson or Liliana Mumy

Beast Boy- Danny Cooksey

Cyborg- Ogie Banks or Little JJ

Raven- Laura Bailey

Terra- Kari Wahlgren

Aqualad- Jason Marsden

Speedy- Jason Spisak

Mas Y Menos- Carlos Alazraqui or Gabriel Iglesias

Bumblebee- Kimberley Brooks

Kid Flash- Dee Baker

Hot Spot- Ogie Banks

Larry Titan- Billy West or Tom Kenny

Slade- Michael Wincott, (Old version) Jack Angel

Gizmo- Jason Marsden or Danny Cooksey

Jinx- Cree Summer or Kari Wahlgren

Mammoth- Clancy Brown, Fred Tatasciore or John DiMaggio

Brother Blood- Corey Burton, Mark Hamill, Jeffrey Combs or Armin Shimmerman

Cinderblock- Fred Tatasciore or John DiMaggio

Blackfire- Kari Wahlgren

Dr. Light- Corey Burton, Peter MacNicol or Dwight Schultz

Trigon- John DiMaggio, Kevin Grevioux, Keith David or Tony Todd

Brain- MacInTalk or Tom Kane

Monsieur Mallah- Corey Burton or Fred Tatasciore

Control Freak- Danny Cooksey or Will Friedle

General Immortus- Alan Oppenheimer

Madame Rouge- Grey Delisle or Laura Bailey

Mumbo- Dee Baker, Mark Hamill or Billy West

Mad Mod- Tim Curry

Kitty- Jennifer Hale or Kristen Schall

Atlas- Roddy Piper, Kevin Michael Richardson or John DiMaggio

Master of Games- Robin Atkin Downes, Nolan North or Corey Burton

Fang- Scott Menville

Malchior- Robin Atkin Downes

Mother Mae Eye- Kristen Schall or Betty White

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