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Default "Ant-Man and The Wasp" (2018)

First trailer is here:
Originally Posted by Optimus Prime
A neccessary sacrifice to bring peace to this planet. We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes.
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Default Re: "ANoTher Man and The Wasp" (July 2018)

Originally Posted by TylerMirage View Post
I really like how clever they are getting with the use of the pym particles in this.
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Default Re: "ANoTher Man and The Wasp" (July 2018)

First it was Thomas the Tank Engine and now...Hello Kitty.

I will say it looks good. I hope there is a heist element like the first, I dunno Iím just a sucker for a good heist movie.

Also I hope Ghost is interesting in this. Not just to get more cool villains in the MCU but ever since Armored Adventure I have a standard for Ghost.
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Music Meister
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Default Re: "ANoTher Man and The Wasp" (July 2018)

I just got the joke for this threadís name.
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Default Re: "ANoTher Man and The Wasp" (July 2018)

Didn't see this posted....
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Default Re: "Ant-Man and The Wasp" (July 2018)

Ant-Man and the Wasp was OK. Nothing amazing, but by no means bad either. Sure, it had the thankless job of coming after both Black Panther and Infinity War, which were groundbreakers and two of the best movies of the entire MCU, but I personally didn't think that this was even as good as the first Ant-Man movie. The first movie had more modest scale and certain sense of self-parody (or at least it playfully made fun of typical superhero action scenes), which appealed to me more personally than the sequel's attempt at being more "truer" (for lack of better term) superhero movie.

On paper, Ghost was a villain who I wanted to love, and she too had to unfairly measure up to both Killmonger and Thanos, but that "something" was kinda missing. I think that character needed stronger actor, since Hannah John-Kamen was kinda just doing the bare minimum that the role required, with no extra flare. On the same token, the movie kinda wasted Laurence Fishburne. He did great job, as always, but anyone could have played his part and nothing about the character screamed that it had to be him in the role.

Perhaps the biggest sin of the movie is that it brings nothing new to the table. We already saw the title character, ants and random everyday objects change their sizes in both the first Ant-Man and Civil War, and this movie seems to have no new suprises. When they had just started filming this movie, I remember reading a rumor that there was going to be a scene where Scott accidentally enlarges a puppy to a giant-size and I can't help, but to ask why not have something like that in the actual movie? It is already a comedy and the premise is absurd, even by superhero standards, so why not go completely bonkers?

Just to be clear, despite my negative tone, I didn't hate this movie. It was entertaining and much better than, say, Ragnarok or Iron Man 2. But, I can't help feeling little disappointed.
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