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Default Voice actors using the same voice for multiple characters

When a voice actor reuses a voice they used for a previous character for a new character (for example, Grey DeLisle-Griffin using her Daphne voice for Kitty Kattswell), is that their decision, or does the production's creator ask for it? Or is it just a subconscious thing?
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Default Re: Voice actors using the same voice for multiple characters

No one has an infinite number of voices so overlap is bound to happen. Some people are chosen specifically because there are certain types of characters that they're very good at, like Fred Tatasciore as tough guys with gruff voices and Keith Silverstein as villains. Actors obviously have influence over what type of voice they can do but are often at the mercy of the casting or voice director. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sure, it can be annoying if a certain actor is typecast in a role constantly, regardless of how good they are. But people often think vocal range is the be all end all when it's acting range that should be the focus of any good performance and actor. Jamieson Price, for example, doesn't have a big vocal range but he's such a good actor that he can slip into several types of roles with ease.

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