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Default Re: Looney Tunes

I don't know if this counts but...

The Dover Boys

Tom - Travis Willingham
Dick - Nolan North
Larry -Roger Craig Smith
Dora Standpipe - Laura Bailey
Dan Backslide - Eric Bauza
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Default Re: Looney Tunes

Favorite suggestions so far are Keith as Marvin, Kevin and John as Sam, and Greg as Foghorn.


Bugs Bunny - Chris Edgerly
Daffy Duck - Jeff Bennett or Jess Harnell
Elmer Fudd - Scott Innes
Sylvester the Cat - Maurice LaMarche or Jeff Bennett
Tweety Bird - Dee Bradley Baker or Greg Berg
Foghorn Leghorn - Peter Reneday
Yosemite Sam - Frank Welker or Peter Cullen
Speedy Gonzales - Dee Bradley Baker
Wile E. Coyote - Jeff Bennett
Pepe Le Pew - Jeff Bennett, Billy West or Kevin Michael Richardson
Marvin the Martian - Billy West, Maurice LaMarche or Kevin Michael Richardson
Slowpoke Rodriguez - Bob Bergen
Michigan J. Frog - Jeff Bennett
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Default Re: Looney Tunes

So a thought I've been stewing on the past few days: what if they remade Looney Tunes: Back in Action, but it was entirely animated

D.J. Drake - Travis Willingham
Kate Houghton - Laura Bailey
Mr. Chairman - James Arnold Taylor
Damian Drake - David Kaye
Dusty Tails - Erica Lindbeck
Mother - Grey Griffin

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Marvin the Martain, Porky Pig - Eric Bauza
Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn - Jeff Bergman
Taz, She-Devil, Sylvester Cat, Cottontail Smith - Jim Cummings
Yosemite Sam, Junior Bear - John DiMaggio
Pepe LePew, Speedy Gonzales, Nasty Canasta - Keith Ferguson
Granny, Mama Bear - Candi Milo
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Default Re: Looney Tunes

I like it! Especially how you kept Eric as Daffy and Marvin, Jeff as Foghorn, and Jim as Taz. I also like your casting of Keith as Pepe.

Anyway, I've been having a lot of ideas for Looney Tunes voices, so I'm gonna do one of those "list for each character" type of Dream Casts (Porky's not included because I can't bring myself to replace Bob).

Bugs Bunny
Chris Edgerly
Keith Ferguson
Wally Wingert
James Arnold Taylor
Dee Bradley Baker (ever since he started doing Daffy again, I've been wondering how he'd do as Bugs)

Daffy Duck
Jeff Bennett (under much better direction)
Jess Harnell
Keith Ferguson
Chris Edgerly

Elmer Fudd
James Arnold Taylor
Chris Edgerly
Wally Wingert
Scott Innes
Dan Castellaneta

Sylvester the Cat
Bill Farmer
Jeff Bennett
Maurice LaMarche
Kevin Michael Richardson

Tweety Bird
Dee Bradley Baker
Greg Berg
Ben Diskin
Patrick Zimmerman
Scott Innes

Foghorn Leghorn
Kevin Michael Richardson
Jim Cummings
Scott Innes
Peter Reneday
Brian Cummings
John DiMaggio
Eric Bauza
Fred Tatasciore
Gregg Berger
James Arnold Taylor
Kiff Vander-Heuvel

Yosemite Sam
Brian Cummings
Trevor Devall
Peter Cullen
Christopher Swindle
Kevin Michael Richardson
Clancy Brown
Gregg Berger
Brian Hull
Frank Welker
Bill Farmer
James Arnold Taylor
Jim Meskimen

Speedy Gonzales
Dee Bradley Baker
Tom Kenny
Eric Bauza
Ben Diskin

Pepe Le Pew
Corey Burton
Jeff Bennett
Billy West
Chris Edgerly
Kevin Michael Richardson
James Arnold Taylor
Matthew Mercer

Wile E. Coyote
Jim Cummings
Corey Burton
Dan Castellaneta
Eric Bauza
Keith Ferguson

Marvin the Martian
James Arnold Taylor
David Herman
Kevin Michael Richardson
Maurice LaMarche
Billy West
Wally Wingert

Tasmanian Devil
John DiMaggio
Kevin Michael Richardson
Scott Innes

Slowpoke Rodriguez
Bob Bergen
Eric Bauza

Pete the Puma
Jim Cummings
Jeff Bergman

Michigan J. Frog
Jeff Bennett

I'd appreciate some feedback.
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Default Re: Looney Tunes

Was thinking about a celebrity filled animated movie for the Looney Tunes so here's some ideas

Bugs Bunny- Bill Hader
Daffy Duck- Jeff Dunham
Elmer Fudd- Dana Carvey
Porky Pig- Tony Hale
Lola Bunny- Kate McKinnon
Granny- Betty White
Sylvester the Cat- Wallace Shawn
Tweety Bird- Danny Pudi
Foghorn Leghorn- John Goodman
Yosemite Sam- JK Simmons
Speedy Gonzales- Gabriel Iglesias
Pepe Le Pew- Jean du Jardine
Wile E. Coyote- Kelsey Grammer
Marvin the Martian- Brian Posehn
Tasmanian Devil- Brendan Fraser
Slowpoke Rodriguez- Michael Pena
Pete the Puma- Bobcat Goldthwait
Witch Hazel- Kristen Schaal
Henery Hawk- Will Forte
Cecil Turtle- Nick Offerman
Beaky Buzzard- Keegan Michael Key
Gossamer- Vin Diesel

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Default Re: Looney Tunes

Whoa, dude for a first timer you put a lot into this cast.
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Default Re: Looney Tunes

Tom Kenny as Bugs Bunny
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Default Re: Looney Tunes

Bugs Bunny - Tom Kenny
Daffy Duck - Richard Horvitz
Porky Pig - Bill Farmer
Elmer Fudd - Dan Castellaneta
Tweety Bird - Chris Phillips
Sylvester the Cat - Maurice LaMarche
Foghorn Leghorn - Jim Cummings
Yosemite Sam - Tom Wilson
Marvin the Martian - Chris Phillips
Tasmanian Devil - John DiMaggio
Pepé Le Pew - Frank Welker
Wile E. Coyote - Jeff Bergman
Lola Bunny - Kari Wahlgren
Granny - Pamela Adlon
Speedy Gonzales - Richard Horvitz
Michigan J. Frog - Agostino Castagnola
Ralph Wolf - Trevor Thompson
Sam Sheepdog - Peter Cullen
Witch Hazel - Pamela Adlon
Henery Hawk - Bob Bergen
Beaky Buzzard - Billy West
Gossamer - Dee Bradley Baker
Pete Puma - Jeff Bergman
Rocky - Trevor Thompson
Mugsy - Bill Fagerbakke
Penelope Pussycat - Tress MacNeille
Slow Poke Rodriguez - Bob Bergen
Count Bloodcount - Frank Welker
Cecil Turtle - Jeff Bergman
Barnyard Dawg - Daran Norris
Hugo the Abominable Snowman - Maurice LaMarche
Papa Bear - Trevor Thompson
Mama Bear - Tress MacNeille
Junior Bear - Tom Kenny
Giovanni Jones - Agostino Castagnola

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Default Re: Looney Tunes

Season 1

Main Characters
Bugs Bunny - Billy West
Daffy Duck - Dee Bradley Baker
Tweety Bird - Eric Goldberg
Sylvester Pussycat - Bill Farmer
Tazmanian Devil - Jim Cummings
Road Runner - Kevin McDonald
Wile E. Coyote - J.P. Karliak
Squeaks Squirrel - Scott Menville
Porky Pig - Bob Bergen
Elmer Fudd - Jeff Bergman
Yosemite Sam - Fred Tatasciore
Speedy Gonzales - Fred Armisen
Pepe le Pew - Maurice LaMarche
Foghorn Leghorn - Jeff Bennett
Beaky Buzzard - Michael Ruocco
Barnyard Dawg - Mark Hamill

Supporting Characters
Marvin Martian - Eric Bauza
Granny Webster - Candi Milo
Spike Bulldog - Hank Azaria
Chester Terrier - David P. Smith
Sylvester Junior - Gregg Berger
Charlie Dog - Richard Kind
Shameless O’ Scanty - Carlos Alazraqui
Sir Littlechin - Daran Norris
Theselonious Lion - Wayne Knight
Hippety Hopper - Greg Eagles
Claudette Dupri - Emma de Caunes
Hector Bulldog - Rick Zieff
Sam Sheepdog - Peter Cullen
Ralph Wolf - Donovan Patton
Miss Prissy - April Winchell
Henry Bear - Ed Asner
Ma Bear - Sirena Irwin
Junyer Bear - Jason Harris

Recurring Characters
Cecil Turtle - Jim Rash
Bigfoot Sasquatch - Matthew Mercer
Henery Hawk - Ben Falcone
Willoughby Hound - David Koechner
Wellington Dog - Eddie Redmayne
Boston Bulldog - Tim Allen
Hunk Hepcat - Max Casella
Sam Cat - Brad Norman
Sylvia Pussycat - Cathy Cavadini
Penelope Pussycat - Tress MacNeille
Schnooks Cat - Mike Fontanelli
Benny Pussycat - Paul Rudish
Shifty Rat - Andrew Kishino
Boyd Bird - Mikey Kelley
Gruesome Gorilla - David Kaye
Grieving Gorilla - Melissa Etheridge
Tasmanian Shedevil - Brendan Fraser
Gracie Hopper - Cate Blanchett
Beans Cat - Thom A. Hernandez
Little Kitty - Julie Johnson
Oliver Owl - Hugo H. Harrison
Ham Puppy - Riki Lindhome
Ex Puppy - Kate Micucci
Rover Fudd - Bruce Willis
Doctor Lorre - Tom Kenny
Leslie Lilylegs - Jim Meskimen
Greatgranny Webster - Wendee Lee
Winter Stag - Billy Connolly
Pestcontrol Robot - Siri
Barbarian - Steve Blum
Krakos Polar Bear - Joe Mateo
Cal McMurtry - Antonio Banderas
Biggest Baddest Wolf - Patrick Pinney
Mama Buzzard - Rachel Butera
Conrad Cat - Brian Hull
Maestro Mouse - Gustavo Dudamel
Leroy Bear - Joaquin Phoenix
Carl Grimrabbit - Nick Nolte

Minor Characters
Gashouse Gorillas - Jamieson Price
Cottontail Smith - Danny Chambers
Redhot Ryder - Peter Browngardt
Doctor I.Q. Hi - Richard McGonagle
Steve Brody - Clancy Brown
Scarecrow - Michael Gough
Sheriff of Nottingham - Hugh Grant
Little John - Nicholas Hoult
Rock Hardcase - Andrew W.K.
Jack - Bobby Cannavale
Mannermaid Enforski - George Takei
Shelby G. Shepherd - Lea DeLaria
The Bugspostor - Brock Baker
Clarence Pusssycat - Neil Ross
Chickadee Bird - Julie Lemieux
Blind Butterfly - Akiya Henry
Tooth Fairy - Carla Renata
Snail Mail - Louis C.K.
Snorts Molerat - Ron Funches
Goldimouse Rodent - Laurie Fraser
Three Little Pigs - Gregg Spiridellis, Jeff Gill, and Evan Spiridellis
Firstdog Liberty - Michelle Obama
Dragaunus Maximus - Kit Harington
Nero Lion - Randy Thom
Ninjwarfs - Jackie Chan

Guest Stars
The Gremlin - Corey Burton
Andy Terrier - Alan Cumming
Tabbitha Dragonette - Reneé Fleming
Wild Panther - Chris J. Alex
Pierre Cat - Willem Dafoe
Fifi Cat - Karen Strassman
Jeanette Cat - Louane Emera
Poobah Cat - Idris Elba
Gruff Jimmy - Robert Costanzo
Johnny Cat - John Moschitta
Mouse Servant - Tim Whitnall
Miniscule Mouse - Travis Oates
Bweetie Bird - Alex Borstein
Spike Bluetit - Andrew Bird
Polly Parrot - David Arquette
Siren Hawk - Dane Davis
Horrible Hawk - Annti Pakkonen
Cowardly Chick - Jacob Hopkins
Joe Duck - Chip Zien
Doctor Quack - Thomas Kretschmann
Doctor Christian - Dr. Ranj
Doctor Chilledair - Paul Greenberg
Doctor Eureka - Dave Goelz
Mouse Executioner - Sacha Baron Cohen
Warmer Guard - Will Sasso
Miss Cud - Chantal Strand
Bessie Cow - Tabitha st. Germain
Creamlined Cow - Naomi McDonald
MacDonald Pig - Sam Elliott
J. Pretzel Pumpernickle - James Corden
Dirty Digg - Jeffrey Tambor
I. Squeel - Phil Lollar
Solid T. Coyote - Martin Jarvis
The Little Man from the Draft Board - Jim Gaffigan
Masked Marvel - Johnny Depp
Silver Horse - John Mulaney
Nanny Webster - Nikki Payne
Casper Caveman - Drew Carey
Fido Brontosaurus - Neil Fanning
Sabretooth Bear - Billy Eichner
Stone Age Dawn Quartet - Shoptimus Prime
Slug McSlug - Harvey Fierstein
French Crook - Jean Reno
Pretty Boy Bagle - Larry Miller
The Bomber - Alana Bridgewater
Cold Promise - Peter Mansbridge
Professor Widebottom - Lee Tockar
Professor Canafrazz - Edward Hibbert
Black Bear - Seth Rogen

Historical Figures
Humphrey Bogart - Tom Selleck
Ray Milland - Nicholas Cage
Carmen Miranda - Shakira

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Post Space Jam: A New Legacy

Ok, so I realize that we have gotten very little confirmation as to who all will be in the upcoming "Space Jam" sequel as well as who will voice them. All we have so far is Eric Bauza as Bugs and Daffy and Kath Soucie as Lola (maybe?) So, I figured this might be fun!

Now then, without further ado...

Porky Pig - Bob Bergen
Elmer Fudd - Jeff Bergman
Tweety Bird - Bob Bergen
Sylvester the Cat - Bill Farmer
Foghorn Leghorn - Jeff Bergman
Yosemite Sam - Bill Farmer
Tasmanian Devil - Dee Bradley Baker
Marvin the Martian - Eric Bauza
Pepé Le Pew - Maurice LaMarche
Granny - Candi Milo
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