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Default Redwall

This is how I think the cast would have looked like in Los Angeles during the show's run (1999-2002).

Recorded at Salami Studios, Los Angeles
Voice direction: Susan Blu

Matthias: a child actor
Cornflower: a child actress
Cluny the Scourge: Mark Hamill
Constance: Tress MacNeille
Abbot Mortimer: Joe Baker
Basil: Jeff Bennett
Methuselah: John Stephenson
Warbeak: Kath Soucie
Jess: April Winchell

Matthias: Michael Bacall
Cornflower: Olivia d'Abo
Mattimeo: Courtland Mead
Slagar the Cruel: Tim Curry (reprised)
Vitch: Ryan O'Donohue
General Ironbeak: Clancy Brown
Abbot Mordalfus: Andre Stojka
Orlando: Keith David

Martin the Warrior:
Martin: Jason Marsden
Rose: Grey DeLisle
Badrang: Maurice LaMarche
Tramun Clogg: Jim Cummings
Bromm: Aaron Spann
Felldoh: Scott Menville
Skalrag: Richard Horvitz
Grumm: Tom Kenny
Building from the ground up.

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Default Re: Redwall

This is a late 90s/ealry 2000s cast right?

Eitherway, it's pretty impressive. Tho I do think Tony Jay may sound a bit too deep and menacing for Abbot Mortimer.

Don’t know about Michael Bacall and Olivia d’Abo as Matthias and Cornflower either, at least as kids. I can see them fine as adults

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