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Slurpuff Prince
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Default Re: New Member

Originally Posted by TylerMirage View Post
Sweet, sweet. Well, our video game database isn't 100% complete, but you can keep yourself pretty busy just by reaching what we do have.

Are you taking any courses or education about video game design?
No, I'm currently in college for a degree in Computer Science.
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Default Helllloooo Lovelies


My name is Kiki, and I'm just like you... Yes you... no not the person behind you.. Oh jeez *Facepalms.* YOU!

I may be a bit younger then you, but we're all still going for the same dream.. well most of us.
Anyways, I'm a newbie here and I just wanted to say hi~

Few fun facts-

I'm a TWIN.
I love Doctor Who and Sherlock.
I'm a gamer girl *Takes out controller* Lets go.
Anime, dance, drawing, writing, and singing is lifeeee.

Sooo, that's a little about me. I plan on growing and getting better on this website. Thanks for sticking around and see you soon. ^_^
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Default Oh, I should introduce myself

Hello! I've been here for a few weeks but have been super busy between work and film - extra work. So here I am introducing myself weeks later. I've always loved acting but was inspired to try voice acting after attending Momocon this year and speaking with many of the pros. Hopefully I'll be around more than not and look forward to hopefully working with you all!
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Old 06-27-2014   #374
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Default Hello from the Netherlands!

Hiya! I'm Renée, I'm an eighteen year old girl, and I joined this site because frankly, I have a really big fascination with anything voice acting. Sadly enough I'm not very good at it myself (and have a very obvious Dutch accent) but I really admire people who are good at voice acting! My boyfriend's much better at voice acting than I am, though, and he's amazing. He's on here too, and he's doing a casting call for a story I'm writing, it's really rad!

Since I'm from the Netherlands, I've grown up with Dutch dubs of cartoons and movies. Although it's fairly easy to watch both Dutch and English things here, I like both for different reasons.
Dutch-dubbed cartoons and movies are notorious in rarely stating which people were involved with the dub so I have to find out most of it myself and by ear. It's become some sort of a pastime for me, to recognize people by their voice. As soon as I find out how, I'm definitely gonna try to contribute some information on Dutch voice actors to the site, because it's disappointing how little of it is even on places like Wikipedia.

Aside from fangirling about voice acting, I like spending time on the Internet, drawing, writing, retro videogames, cartoons, animation, and animals. You'll probably see me post around here and there.

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Default Re: Hello from the Netherlands!


Dust off a chair, kick back, and enjoy the site!
"Outside?" What's that? Is it in HD?

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Default Hi All, I am Miraigaara...

I stumbled across the site because I always wanted to do a voice in Dragon Ball Z. Well now, I soon I get that chance along with voicing myself elsewhere. I'm 30, never done voice over work before and hopefully people will enjoy my presence and my acting...

Or not....

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Default Hello

My name is KanonShirogane, but you can just call me Kanon.

I just started trying to get into voice dubs, and while I'm a little inexperienced with voice acting. I hope my thirst to improve and general and general enjoyment makes up for it.

I love anime, and most of the voice work I'll be doing will probably be fan dubs.

My voice is naturally high for a guy, and I'm working on speaking in an octave deeper for certain roles.

Anyway, thanks for reading. If you need help with anime fan dubs, let me know, and thanks for having me in the community.
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Talking My name is Joe Winko

whats up people!?
my name is Joe Winko I'm currently 18 and just finished HS back in June (i havent started college yet though) I'm also a horror movie director for youtube. I've been making videos for youtube since I was in elementary school:


I also do voice acting for a lot of machinima stuff too and I am a proud hawaiian
if you wana know more, just ask
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Default Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

Hello back from the Netherlands

I've not always spent much attention on Dutch dubs, and I rewatched all my favorite shows from my childhood (which is basically just The Last Airbender, because to make matters worse I don't think I watched much TV at all) in English. So I'm afraid I won't be of much help when it comes to that.

That aside though, it's nice to see I'm not the only dutchman (or dutchwoman) who has a obsession with voice acting. You can rarely find anyone here that would take pleasure out of finding out that e.g. both Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop and Amon from Legend of Korra were voiced by the same person, or alternatively Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite and Joel from Last of Us.


See you around.
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Default Greetings, fellow Voice Actors!

I'm Zologe, a greenhorn voice actor (I just started doing this like last week or so) and I'm fairly budget when it comes to equipment (The only decent thing i have is my microphone, which is a Blue Nessie, for those interested). Voice Acting is more of a hobby right now, and it's very fun. I'm currently auditioning for Tyranee's Let's Dub of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. It's actually thanks to him and his Let's Dubs I got into Voice Acting to begin with. Other than that... I'm Swedish, though I prefer to use the english language for the most part.

Now with that, I bid ya'll adieu. Cross my fingers i get any of the roles I applied for!
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