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Default Baki sentai redub

Looks like sentai is redubbing the Netflix Baki series with their own Houston cast for the home video release https://twitter.com/sentaifilmworks/...204833280?s=21
Itíll be very hard to live up to the powerhouse cast we had with the Netflix dub in my opinion.
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Default Re: Baki sentai redub

I don't want to give a huge company like Netflix too much of the higher ground here, but how little money is Sentai spending on this thing if recording a new dub from scratch is the cheaper option?

Honestly curious to see how this turns out. I think the Studiopolis dub set a pretty high watermark and I've cooled a lot on Sentai in recent years... but there are a couple characters I think could've come out better in English, so I think it'll be worth checking out in theory. At the very least, we get a dub that doesn't have Mignogna in it
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