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Default Re: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield


Took 'em long enough. The option to skip the do you know how to catch Pokemon tutorial.

Now what would really seal the deal for me is if you can skip cut-scenes especially if you're replaying the game on a 2nd and beyond play-through, cause lord knows that's one of my biggest gripes from the 3DS era games.
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Default Re: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Been playing it for a while, got two badges, wanted to offer my snap thoughts.

>Graphics are nice
>Slight frame rate dip in wild areas but this is Nintendo, what do you expect? Everywhere else I've faced consistent 30 FPS
>Music is fine. Field music is super memorable. Battle music ranges from super good (Hop Battle theme) to OK (gym battle theme) to mediocre (Team Yell battle theme)
>So far no "extra" dungeons (like Dark Cave in Gen 2) but the dungeons are OK. Not very long or anything.
>Majority of wild Pokemon encounters take place by running into them on the overworld. Cuts down on some randomization and makes avoidability a bit easier.
>Despite the Dex cut, there is a very rich variety of Pokemon early on. A good combination of past Pokemon plus new ones really make the experience fresh.
>The new Pokemon designs are REALLY good. Like really really good. Lots of them have a lot of flair and uniqueness. So far I've been a fan of every new Pokemon design that I've seen.
>Alolan forms were great but Galarian forms are cooler and better.
>The game's not hard and I wish the EXP Share could be turned off, but I haven't had to grind, so that's a plus.
>Poke Jobs are a cool feature that I think are a great way to use the Pokemon in the box
>Accessing the PC on the go (not always) is really convenient
>Wild Area can be a challenge and it's invigorating
>Curry cooking is way more fun than it has any right to be

So far better than X/Y, at least.
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Default Re: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Originally Posted by SNaG View Post
So far better than X/Y, at least.
I'm probably gonna wait for a third version (if we get one), but at least that bar is cleared.
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Default Re: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Finished the mini-post-game last night. I had a fun time. I'd put it above X/Y and D/P, maybe above R/S too. I think the cut Pokemon is a big flaw that bothers me. What I also don't like is how garbage trading is now that the GTS is removed. Amazingly difficult to get a Pokemon you want. As far as I understand, that's a feature that's going to be implemented in Pokemon Home, but it just seems weird to not have basic trading work yet.

I think Hop was a solid rival with a kickass theme and a nice little arc. Probably one of the better rivals in the series IMO since he has more character traits than "being a d*ck" or "friendly punching bag."

The game was easy overall but I guess it expected some grinding between the Champion Cup and the Champion fight since I was underleveled, and that was invigorating.

Overall, solid game. If you like Pokemon you'll probably like this. There are clear flaws but this being the worst game in the franchise is, as usual, the internet being heavily overdramatic. It's more Pokemon, so if that doesn't interest you, whatever, but if you want more Pokemon, you'll have fun.

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