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Post Metroid Prime 4

Here's an update from Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi.

Yes, I love Cho Chang. Deal with it!

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Hah?What are You a Joker?
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Default Re: Metroid Prime 4

Woooooow! I wasn't expecting THAT to be the update!

So MP4 has been straight-up rebooted and Retro have taken the reins... This doesn't kill me as much personally as when BOTW was delayed, but that's still wild.

1. I wasn't expecting this game in 2019 at all, but I am shocked it's not even going to be out in 2020.
2. I literally can't remember the last time a major game company was so upfront about development issues THIS major, let alone Nintendo. Most companies and even Nintendo themselves just cut their losses. A game going so roughly that you kick off the developers and start from scratch.
3. Retro coming on is excellent news! It's good that we FINALLY know what they're up to since TF though, but what were they working on before now...? It's been so long since MP1-3, but I hope they've still got it.
3.5 Why wasn't Retro making the game to begin with? Making it with a new/unknown developer was came off as a huge gamble. Maybe because they WERE in the middle of something, but now they're free to do MP4?
4. When the game is being started from scratch, I wonder how far they mean. Are we going to get the same basic story, characters, planets, items, etc. just totally remixed, or are they throwing all that out too? I kind of hope Retro really do get to leave their own mark instead of having to work with the broad strokes of someone else's game, but it'd obviously mean it'd take longer and there are probably a bunch of good ideas that're being tossed out... Good thing we knew literally nothing about the original version.

It's gonna be a painful wait, but honestly it's only going to be for the best if Retro are back on board. It really should've been them to begin with.

Hey, you know what'd be great though? Samus Returns was fantastic, let's get a sequel to tide things over!
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Default Re: Metroid Prime 4

The Retro Studios take over alone was such a relief to learn and it's nice Nintendo really wants the game to be up to quality even if the wait will be a while, though admittedly I am curious what the orginal production was going to be like and if we will ever know.

I also agree a sequel would be nice, it has been 16 years and we are still in the dark on what will happen after Fusion and it would be nice to have a bone tossed but at least something new is happening at all, I wonder when the game is supposed to take place on the timeline.

Also am curious what the approach to voice acting will be for this title?

The Trilogy also needs to be ported to Switch ASAP.
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