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Default Metal Fighter Miku

So the other day, I chanced upon a DVD collection of the title obscure anime:

Reading a number of reviews--many of which ranged from mixed to decidedly 'not my cup of tea'--I figured that maybe with a better voice director, improved writing and character development, and an updated art style and character redesigns, a remake of Metal Fighter Miku might work. If they really wanted to sell the whole underdog-in-sports shtick, I'd have the reboot take some influence from the likes of the original Rocky (1976) and The Wrestler (2008), along with lighter but still well-received fare like Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) and the Netflix series GLOW. In fact, making the reboot a true satire of sports flicks and TV shows would enable it to even spoof those movies (among others). The English dub cast I envision for the remake consists of:

+The Pretty Four
-Miku--Natalie Lander
-Ginko--Alexis Tipton
-Nana--Cherami Leigh (this take on Nana wouldn't have a really cutesy voice like the original)
-Sayaka--Kari Wahlgren

+TWP Staff
-Eiichi Suo--Daran Norris, taking a page from Burgess Meredith's Micky Goldmill
-Kinta Marukome--Bryce Papenbrook
-Tokichiro Harajuku--Michael Sorich
-Masayo Harajuku--Wendee Lee

+Shibano Enterprises
-Yoko "Sapphire" Shibano--Caitlin Glass
-Kozo Shibano--Michael McConnohie
-Nagoya Shibano--Max Mittleman

+Other Characters
-Mizue "Aquamarine" Umino--Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
-"Dandy" Suzuki--Richard Epcar, a cast member of the show's English dub. I'd have him riff on Michael Buffer. In my hypothetical reboot, I'd have him joined by fellow original dub castmate Michelle Ruff (who voiced Miku and Nana) as Suzuki's fellow commentator, with their banter akin to Jon Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks in Pitch Perfect, or Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond in Celebrity Deathmatch.
-Kajiwara and his cameraman--Bob Joles and Taliesin Jaffe

*And yes, while I was coming up with this, I was listening to Vince DiCola's training montage music from Rocky IV.*
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