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Default The Room

Ahahaha.. anyway how ees your sex life?

LA Cast

Matthew Mercer - Johnny
Ray Chase - Mark
Julie Ann Taylor - Lisa
Sean Chiplock - Denny
Barbara Goodson - Claudette
Laura Post - Michelle
Lex Lang - Mike
Bill Rogers - Chris-R
John DeMita - Peter
Brian Beacock - Steven

Vancouver Cast

Trevor Devall - Johnny
Matt Hill - Mark
Tabitha St. Germain - Lisa
Cole Howard - Denny
Kathleen Barr - Claudette
Tara Strong - Michelle
Andrew Francis - Mike
Michael Dobson - Chris-R
Michael Donovan - Peter
Sam Vincent - Steven

Go on, do your lists. I know you want to.
I squeeze gats.

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Default Re: The Room

I don't have much to contribute for most of the cast but--

Maurice LaMarche as Johnny?
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Default Re: The Room

What a story, Pinky.
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Wink Re: The Room

Japanese Cast

Takehito Koyasu - Johnny
Hikaru Midorikawa - Mark
Maaya Sakamoto - Lisa
Mamoru Miyano - Denny
Hisako Kyoda - Claudette
Ryoka Yuzuki - Michelle
Kosuke Toriumi - Mike
Shinichiro Miki - Chris-R
Koichi Yamadera - Peter
Ryotaro Okiayu - Steven
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Default Re: The Room

Funimation Cast:

Johnny - Jerry Jewell
Mark - Robert McCollum
Lisa - Jamie Marchi
Denny - Sean Michael Teague
Claudette - Linda Young
Michelle - Caitlin Glass
Mike - Joel McDonald
Chris R - Ian Sinclair
Peter - J. Michael Tatum
Steven - John Burgmier
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Default Re: The Room

Peter Stormare as Johnny.

Got nothing for the rest. Just wanted to share that.
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Default Re: The Room


Johnny - William Winckler
Mark - Corey Marshall
Lisa - Dezzi Rae Ascalon
Denny - Kyle Rea
Claudette - Allison Lees Taylor
Michelle - Kimberly Woods
Mike - Bryan Forest
Chris R - G Larry Butler
Peter - Don Glut
Steven - David Gerrold


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