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Default God of War

~NYAV mullet~
Kratos - J. David Brimmer
Atreus - Cassandra Lee Morris

Zeus - Jimmy Zoppi
Athena - Carrie Keranen
Ares - Scottie Ray
Poseidon - Stan Hart
Hades - Dan Green
Helios - Marc Diraison
Hermes - Wayne Grayson
Artemis - Erica Schroeder
Aphrodite - Caren Manuel
Hephaestus - Matt Hoverman
Hera - Michelle Newman
Persephone - Megan Hollingshead
Eos - Rachael Lillis
Thanatos - Sean Schemmel
Erinys - Tara Jayne/Carrie Keranen
Gaia - FB Owens
Cronos - Marc Thompson
Prometheus - David Willis
Typhon - Patrick Seitz
Thera - Stephanie Sheh
Hercules - Eric Stuart
Theseus - Ted Lewis
Perseus - Jamie McGonigal
Peirithous - Liam O'Brien
Lahkesis - Amy Palant
Charon - Liam O'Brien
Atropos - Megan Hollingshead
Clotho - Lisa Ortiz
Megaera - Amy Birnbaum
Alecto - Veronica Taylor
Tisiphone - Lisa Ortiz
Orkos - Tom Wayland
Callisto - Veronica Taylor
Deimos - Christopher Kromer
Lysandra - Barbara Goodson
Calliope - Stephanie Sheh
Aletheia - Erin Fitzgerald
Alrik - Jamieson Price
Daedalus - Steve Kramer
Icarus - Ted Lewis
King Midas - Richard Epcar
The Last Spartan - Ray Chase
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