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Default Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Since Pony Canyon USA has not commissioned a dub for this series unlike a bulk of their other US licenses, I thought I'd try and make a dream cast for this bizarre series, trying to figure what actors could have possibly been used! And well, have a little fun with it.
I feel like had something like this been produced years earlier, it would have probably been a darling of FUNimation or ADV, or the latter's successors (and FUNi did have streaming rights).
It's a bit of a challenge, since you have the stipulation that all roles are male (though I cheated a little in casting women for the young versions of Kinshiro and Atsushi, seeing as no child actors came to mind), and then the monsters-of-the-week have an interesting theme in being voiced by older established actors.

Though some actors in these lists are present in both LA and Dallas voice pools, I wanted to try to cast fresh with no overlap in each scenario.

First, let's go with the idea that PonyCan would have used Bang Zoom! like they did for Yuki Yuna is a Hero:

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (Bang Zoom! Entertainment)

Yumoto Hakone/Battle Lover Scarlet- Bryce Papenbrook
Atsushi Kinugawa/Battle Lover Epinard- Yuri Lowenthal, Mona Marshall (young)
En Yufuin/Battle Lover Cerulean- Kaiji Tang
Io Naruko/Battle Lover Sulfur- Steve Staley
Ryuu Zao/Battle Lover Vesta - Todd Haberkorn
Wombat, Mr. Tawarayama- Michael McConnohie
Kinshiro Kusatsu/Chevalier Aurite- Matthew Mercer, Mari Devon (young)
Ibushi Arima/Chevalier Argent- Johnny Yong Bosch
Akoya Gero/Chevalier Perlite- Lucien Dodge
Zundar- Patrick Seitz

The Loveless:
Kazutake Chiku/Chikuwabu Monster - Darrel Guilbeau
Wario Hashida/Chopsticks Monster- Marc Diraison
Moteo Kurotori/Black Swan Monster- Vic Mignogna
Oyaji Igarao/Pretty Boy Monster- Kyle Hebert
Enkaku Sosa/Remote Control Monster- Keith Silverstein
Ichiban Itsumo/Screw Monster- Derek Stephen Prince
Sho Komi/Kotatsu Monster- Eric Kimerer
Uriya Makuwa/Melon Monster- Tony Oliver
Rui Megawa/Glasses Monster- Ben Diskin

Other Roles:
Gora Hakone- David Vincent
Kou Kinosaki- Kirk Thornton
Tazawa- Doug Erholtz
Lord Hireashi- Steve Kramer

And now, had FUNi been the studio...

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (FUNimation)

Yumoto Hakone/Battle Lover Scarlet- Greg Ayres
Atsushi Kinugawa/Battle Lover Epinard- J. Michael Tatum, Terri Doty (young)
En Yufuin/Battle Lover Cerulean- Robert McCollum
Io Naruko/Battle Lover Sulfur- Joel McDonald
Ryuu Zao/Battle Lover Vesta- Aaron Dismuke
Wombat, Mr. Tawarayama- Grant James
Kinshiro Kusatsu/Chevalier Aurite- Eric Vale, Leah Clark (young)
Ibushi Arima/Chevalier Argent- Micah Solusod
Akoya Gero/Chevalier Perlite- Chris Burnett
Zundar- Christopher Sabat

Kazutake Chiku/Chikuwabu Monster- Josh Grelle
Wario Hashida/Chopsticks Monster- Chris Rager
Moteo Kurotori/Black Swan Monster- Mike McFarland
Oyaji Igarao/Pretty Boy Monster- Ian Sinclair
Enkaku Sosa/Remote Control Monster- Justin Cook
Ichiban Itsumo/Screw Monster- Jerry Jewell
Sho Komi/Kotatsu Monster- Austin Tindle
Uriya Makuwa/Melon Monster - Chuck Huber
Rui Megawa/Glasses Monster - Sean Michael Teague

Gora Hakone- John Burgmeier
Kou Kinosaki- Clifford Chapin
Tazawa- Kent Williams
Lord Hireashi- Barry Yandell

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Default Cute High Earth Defense LOVE!

Yumoto Hakune - Casey Mongillo
En Yufuin - Griffin Burns
Atsushi Kinugawa - Khoi Dao
Io Naruko - Ben Pronsky
Ryuu Zaou - Joe Zieja
Mr. Tawarayama/Wombat - Peter Lurie
Kinshiro Kusatsu - Xander Mobus
Ibushi Arima - Johnny Yong Bosch
Akoya Gero - Sean Chiplock
Zundar - Steven Jay Blum
Akuhiko & Haruhiko - Zeno Robinson
Dadacha - Keith Silverstein
Gora Hakone - Patrick Seitz
Kou Kinosaki - Robbie Daymond
Masuya Tazawa - Max Mittleman
Lord Hireashi - Steve Kramer

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