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Default Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman (OVA)

After two seemingly separate announcements were made for a new "Cyborg 009" anime and a new "Devilman" anime, it's now been revealed that there will be a three-part crossover OVA released in theaters as a compilation film in October!

Teaser Trailer:


After the limited screenings, the OVA episodes will be released on home video.

It's a rather different way of commemorating the passed 50th anniversary of Cyborg 009, since initial announcements did what they could to hide the link between the "new Cyborg 009" and the Devilman film. There also hasn't been a new adaptation of either in some time, other than 009 RE: Cyborg. I hope it'll be good, since there can be some common pitfalls in adaptations involving the cyborgs (lack of screentime for some team members, lack of characterization for some, etc. ).

Rather notable are the teases at the Mythos Cyborgs, and the team members wearing their classic uniforms in some parts, while other glimpses show Joe in a more detailed uniform that was seen on the first teaser poster seen here. The others are also depicted in upgraded uniforms, so hopefully they might feature in those and it isn't just a bait-and-switch like with the RE: Cyborg promotional/marketing imagery.

Hopefully this OVA might be licensed overseas, although it might have a tricky time in the USA market due to both 009 and Devilman not having much mainstream fame.
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