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Default What kind of fan are you?

I consider myself a fan who is almost always up-to-date on stuff I like.

I check for news and updates on stuff I like (anime, manga) but recently I was made aware that I'm actually in the minority.

Before I would be tempted to reply to someone who was hiding under a rock but now that I'm aware of my situation I'm a bit more understanding (but still a little annoyed )

In the case of anime & manga there are many people who consider themselves fans yet are unaware when certain titles are licensed and released in English for North America or which company owns them.

I'm curious to know what kind of fans the people who visit this site are. (This isn't some research survey or anything, just my curiosity).

Are you always up-to-date on stuff you like? (it can be anything; it doesn't have to be strictly voice acting related e.g. comics, novels, action figures, games)

Or are you the type of fan who is usually the last to know something until you randomly stumble upon it one day or a friend (finally) tells you about it?

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Default Re: What kind of fan are you?

For things that I'm really interested in, I'm almost always up to date. I've "liked" a ton of Facebook pages, so I can go there and get news based on my interests right there on one page. Very convenient. I also go to GameFAQs forums daily, and it helps me keep on top of current and upcoming releases (not to mention the handy "upcoming releases" heading they have for each system). TV Tropes too; I read articles there every now and then, and since it's always being updated to include recent things, I'll learn something new every time.

To tell the truth, I actually rarely watch trailers. It's mainly because I have: A) other priorities, and B) a short attention span. But if there's something I'm REALLY hyped for, then I'll watch trailers any chance I get. However, I always watch the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) livestreams, and check for news on other big events like Tokyo Game Show.

I discovered Nintendo Power magazine in late 2005 and began regularly reading it during 2007. In 2008 I got a subscription, so for that whole year I was 100% in the know on everything Nintendo. Next year I was too lazy/cheap to renew my subscription, so I'd just read new issues in the library. I stopped doing that and became passionate for fighting games around that time, so while I knew all the latest news in that realm (thanks, Fighters' Generation and Eventhubs!), I was clueless for everything else. I didn't even know that games like Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing existed until I saw them in stores. But as I said before, nowadays I'm much more on top of things, and I'll buy an issue of Nintendo Power on occasion (you have no idea how sad the fact that it's ending this year makes me).

(Anyone else remember the days when word of mouth was a thing?)

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Default Re: What kind of fan are you?

If it's something I'm avidly interested in, then I keep pretty up to date. It's rare that I wouldn't check out Comingsoon.net or TFW2005 for the latest on movie news or Transformers news at least once a day. If I'm legitimately too busy, and I don't have time, it's not a big deal though. I won't go into shock or anything. :p Priorities, after all.

But yeah, if I like it a lot, you can bet I try to keep as up-to-date as I can.
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Default Re: What kind of fan are you?

I check the dates when new episodes are coming on. That's about it.

I'm not much into Anime. I have never attended a convention of any type television/movie/comic book related. I don't find out how the voice actors are doing after a series has ended.

I'm dull. I just watch my shows and enjoy.
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