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Default Top Ten Nintendo Dubs

With Nintendo Month coming up I thought I'd list my favorite dubs we've ever seen from Nintendo. Here's the list:

1. Xenoblade Chronicles
2. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentina
3. Kid Ircaus Uprising
4. Pokemon (4Kids)
5. Kirby Right Back At Ya
6. Fire Emblem Fates
7. Fire Emblem Awakening
8. Xenoblade Chronicles X
9. Legends of Zelda: Breath of Wild
10. Pokemon Generations
Does anyone agree or disagree with my ratings?
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Default Re: Top Ten Nintendo Dubs

I'd probably place Awakening one step up than Fates and switch Generations with Origins but otherwise that'd be my list.
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Default Re: Top Ten Nintendo Dubs

The dubs that I happened to like were Xenoblade 1, Kid Icarus and some of what I heard of in Echoes (which sounded alright, with some stand outs like Ian Sinclair's performance). Haven't really played fates or Awakening. Pokemon 4kids was fine for what it is. Kirby, I never seen the original, so...I dunno? It felt like one of those 'let's turn this into a completely different show" type dealies.

I don't really like Breath of the Wild's voice acting. But, that's just me.
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Default Re: Top Ten Nintendo Dubs

I think Nintendo have been slipping on their dub track record lately. All of their pre-Switch/3DS-Wii-U-era dubs were excellent (Kid Icarus Uprising, Awakening/Fates, Xenoblade 1 and X, Star Fox Zero), but since the Switch launch I think Fire Emblem Echoes and Xenoblade 2 have been the only truly great ones. The rest have ranged from passable (Detective Pikachu) to mediocre and outright bad (Breath of the Wild, Sushi Striker). WarioWare Gold isn't out in NA yet so I can't speak for it but I'm pretty nervous for games like Three Houses. They're not exactly a small company and Zelda, Pokemon, Mario are really not small fries so it kinda frustrates me that their quality control on dubs has been so lax lately. Even Fire Emblem it's getting harder to justify staying non-union because it's a borderline flagship franchise for them by now.

They've been using Side US and Jamie Mortellaro more often lately and they really do seem to be the weak links. I wish they'd get Kris Zimmerman or unionize again if they want to stay in LA. Considering BOTW they added selectable voice tracks after launch I hope they're similarly taking feedback on the English VA since it's pretty much one of the only outright marks on the game.

I wouldn't credit Nintendo for 4Kids' dubs since all they did was give them the license. They weren't done inhouse.

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