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Default Paul Bandey in Crash of the Century

Now that the Big Green dub cast is official, here's Paul Bandey as the Pan-Am first officer in the docu-drama Crash of the Century. He first appears at 1.11:

EDIT: I should also mention that Mirabelle Kirkland appears as well, playing flight attendant Joan Jackson. Sadly, she's not in this clip.

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Default Re: Paul Bandey in Crash of the Century

With videos being problematic, I thought it best to replace with images. In addition to Paul, I'm including other actors who have credited voice roles. Some are already on site, and several others will (hopefully) be joining us soon. Enjoy.

Victor Grubbs - Randall Holden.jpg
Randall Holden (from the Ratatouille Paris Loop Group) as Captain Victor Grubbs

Robert Bragg - Paul Bandey.jpg
Paul Bandey as First Officer Robert Bragg

George Warns - Mike Dineen.jpg
Mike Dineen as Flight Engineer George Warns

Klaas Meurs - Bruce Van Barthold.jpg
Bruce Van Barthold as First Office Klaas Meurs

Willem Schreuder - Nicholas Mead.jpg
Nicholas Mead as Flight Engineer Willem Schrueder

Joan Jackson - Mirabelle Kirkland.jpg
Mirabelle Kirkland as Flight Attendant Joan Jackson

Fernando Azcunaga - Joe Rezwin.jpg
Joe Rezwin as ATC Controller Fernando Azcunaga

Erma Schlecht - Lee Delong.jpg
Lee Delong as Erma Schlecht

Robina van Lanschot - Lexie Kendrick.jpg
Lexie Kendrick as Robina Van Lanschot

KLM Flight Attendant - Elizabeth Ingham.jpg
Elizabeth Ingham as KLM Flight Attendant

Father - Edward Hamilton-Clark.jpg
Edward Hamilton-Clark as Dutch Father

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