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Default Silence For The Actors

Here we have a short English-language French film, featuring a fair number of our Paris friends. In addition, it was directed by Patrick Albenque, a voice actor himself (although he doesn't make an appearance). Many of them essentially play themselves, using their own names, which makes identification fairly easy. For those who don't yet have a profile with us, or haven't really come up in general discussion, I'll include known examples of where their names appear.

EDIT: See below for images

The full video can be found on Patrick's website. Also, there seems to be a little joke about the fact that he and Nicholas Mead look alike, as Hawtrey's character mistakingly calls the latter Patrick (only to be told that it's Nick).

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Default Re: Silence For The Actors

My apologies if this appears as a bump, but I thought I'd move some of my on-camera images to the site, and, sadly, adding to the original post is not an option. Enjoy.

Z1mouex - Imgur.jpg
Nicolas Hawtrey

Z4XDcqF - Imgur.jpg
Gay Marshall

ucKym75 - Imgur.jpg
Steve Croce

6bNBsDc - Imgur.jpg
Millane Kang

tjIw9c6 - Imgur.jpg
Matthew Geczy

5JWLffm - Imgur.jpg
Robert Dauney

K0iNGeR - Imgur.jpg
Nicholas Mead

vC7eDJS - Imgur.jpg
Eric Connor

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