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Post Chaos Rings

There's this obscure JRPG series on Mobile Phones called Chaos Rings, and they were Japanese VA only due to how niche the games were. I found myself brainstorming some what if castings few years back had these games been dubbed and feel like sharing them.

Chaos Rings 1:

Escher - Ian Sinclair
Museia - Caitlin Glass
Eluca - Colleen Clickenbeard
Zhamo - Josh Grelle
Ayuta - Johnny Yong Bosch
Mana - Christine Marie Cabanos
Olgar - Christopher Sabat
Vahti - Monica Rial

Chaos Rings Omega:

Vieg - Christopher Sabat (since Vieg is a younger Olgar from CR1, and Olgar is a title name)
Vahti - Monica Rial
Olgar/Dante - Michael McConnohie
Rachel - Melodee Spevack
Cyllis - Stephanie Sheh channeling Tharja
Yorath - Grant George

Chaos Rings 2:

Darwin - Yuri Lowenthal
Orlando - Doug Erholtz
Marie - Erin Fitzgerald
Araki - Patrick Seitz
Conor - Brianne Siddall (Or Michelle Ruff channeling Carl Clover or Erin channeling Quark considering Brianne's accident)
Li Hua - Tara Platt
Lessica - Michelle Ruff

Chaos Rings 3:

Nazca/Protagonist - Bryce Papenbrook
Daisuke - Micah Solusod
Leary - Erica Lindbeck
Elroux - Xanthe Huynh
Alfred/Al - Kyle Hebert
Johannes - Jamieson Price
Mariv - Bridget Hoffman
Patty: Sandy Fox
Dorothy - Wendee Lee
Grazie - David Vincent
Prika - Eden Riegel
Drei 6 - Keith Silverstein
Shayamalan - Derek Stephen Prince
Auz - Matt Mercer
Erik - Doug Erholtz
Honey Holly and Sweet Sally - Cristina Vee
Volhem - Richard Epcar
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