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Default Gravitation

I watched Anime America's review of Gravitation.
The review declared the dub to be "pretty bad".
That, and the existence of the Netflix redub of Neon Genesis Evangelion,
was what inspired me to create this Dream Cast.
If some company had decided to redub Gravitation for the Blu-Ray release, this would be my Dream Cast.

Imagined Release Date: 3 September 2019,
the date of the actual Blu-Ray release from Right Stuf.
Imagine the redub to be included with the original dub in the above Blu-Ray release,
and any subsequent video releases.
I also imagine it to be used for streaming services, including whatever company official rights holder of the English Language release.

Studio Location:
Los Angeles (includes Bang Zoom, Studiopolis, SDI Media and VSI Group)

> Shuichi Shindo: Alejandro Saab

> Eiri Yuki: Matthew Mercer

> Tohma Seguchi: Griffin Burns

> Hiroshi Nakano: Ben Diskin

> Sakano: Kyle McCarley

> Ryuichi Sakuma: Bryce Papenbrook

> "K" (Claude Winchester): D.C. Douglas

> Mika Seguchi: Michelle Ruff

> Suguru Fujisaki: Casey Mongillo

> Taki "Tacchi" Aizawa: Ray Chase

> Ayaka Usami: Ryan Bartley

> Noriko Ukai: Kira Buckland

> Tatsuha Uesugi: Xander Mobus
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