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Default Re: Star Fox voice cast

I've actually had this thought bouncing around in my head: What if 4Kids dubbed the Star Fox series? As such, I've come up with this cast:
Fox McCloud- Frank Frankson
Falco Lombardi- Wayne Grayson or Jason Griffith
Slippy Toad- Michael Sinterniklaas
Peppy Hare- David Wills
Krystal- Bella Hudson
Wolf O'Donnell- Dan Green
Leon Powalski- Darren Dunstan
Panther Caroso- Eric Stuart or Sean Schemmel
Pigma Dengar- Mike Pollock
Andross- J. David Brimmer
General Pepper- Jerry Lobozzo
Andrew Oikonny- Jimmy Zoppi
ROB 64- Ted Lewis
Tricky- Andrew Rannells
Bill Grey- Marc Diraison
Katt Monroe- Caren Manuel
Lucy Hare- Lisa Ortiz
Amanda- Amy Birnbaum
Dash Bowman- Veronica Taylor
James McCloud- Frank Frankson
Beltino Toad- Oliver Wymann
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Default Re: Star Fox voice cast

Team Star Fox:

Fox - Roger Craig Smith.
Falco - Travis Willingham.
Peppy - Kirk Thornton.
Slippy - Kate Higgins.
Krystal - Karen Strassman.

Team Star Wolf:

Wolf - Chris Sabat.
Leon - Vic Mignogna.
Pigma - Sam Riegel.
Andrew - Kyle Hebert.
Panther - Patrick Seitz

Supporting Cast:

R.O.B. 64 - Liam O'Brien.
General Pepper - Jamieson Price.
James - Roger Craig Smith.
Tricky - Michael Sinterniklaas
Bill - Crispin Freeman.
Katt - Stephanie Sheh.
Beltino - Keith Szarabajka.
Lucy - Michelle Ruff.
Amanda - Laura Bailey.
Dash - Yuri Lowenthal.


Andross - J.B. Blanc.
General Scales - Keith Silverstein.
Aparoid Queen - Karen Strassman.
Anglar Emperor - Michael McConnohie.
Zako - Quinton Flynn.
Octoman - Mike McFarland.
Zazan - Cam Clarke.
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Default Re: Star Fox voice cast

Fox McCloud- Roger Craig Smith, Josh Keaton, Neil Patrick Harris or Will Friedle

Falco Lombardi- Jeff Bennett, Travis Willingham, Thomas Wilson or Crispin Freeman

Slippy Toad- Tom Kenny, Scott Menville, James Arnold Taylor or Yuri Lowenthal,

Peppy Hare- Frank Welker, Stephen Root, Adam West, Jess Harnell, Corey Burton, Jim Cummings, Peter Reneday or Alan Oppenheimer

Krystal- Jennifer Hale, Kari Wahlgren, Kelly Hu or Sumalee Montano

Wolf O'Donnell- Clancy Brown, Diedrich Bader, Jess Harnell, Brian Bloom, Corey Burton, Adam Baldwin, Jeff Bennett, John DiMaggio or Steve Blum

Leon Powalski- Charlie Adler, Dee Baker, Troy Baker, Jeff Bennett, Danny Mann or Steve Blum

Panther Caroso- John DiMaggio, Kevin Michael Richardson, James C. Mathis or Khary Payton

Pigma Dengar- Kevin Michael Richardson, Charlie Adler, Danny Mann or Dee Baker

Andross- Peter Cullen, Robert Englund, Frank Welker, Jeffrey Combs, Jim Cummings, Clancy Brown or Nolan North

General Pepper- Richard McGonagle, John Rhys Davies, Bruce Campbell, Alan Oppenheimer, Stephen Root, John DiMaggio or Jack Angel

Andrew Oikonny- Ben Diskin, Robin Atkin Downes, Diedrich Bader, Alan Tudyk or Yuri Lowenthal

ROB 64- MacInTalk, Robin Atkin Downes or Greg Ellis

Tricky- Ben Diskin, Yuri Lowenthal or Jason Marsden

Bill Grey- Robin Atkin Downes, Liam O'Brien, Crispin Freeman or Greg Ellis

Katt Monroe- Grey Delisle, Kate Higgins, Tara Strong or Hynden Walch

General Scales- Steve Blum, Gary Anthony Williams, Kevin Michael Richardson, Troy Baker, Xander Berkley, Miguel Ferrer or Travis Willingham

James McCloud- Michael T. Weiss or James Arnold Taylor

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Default Star Fox

(I'm not sure if this already has a thread. If it does I apologize)

Fox McCloud - Will Fredile
Falco Lombardi - Nolan North
Peppy Hare - Fred Tatasciore
Slippy Toad - Bumper Robinson
ROB - Tom Kenny
Krystal - Kari Walgren

Wolf O' Donnel - John DiMaggio
Leon Powalski - Steve Blum
Panther Caroso - Ron Pearlman

Andross - Rick D Wasserman

I'm open to better suggestions
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Default Re: Star Fox

LA Cast

Fox - Steve Staley
Falco - Reno Wilson
Peppy - Robert Atkin Downes
Slippy - Mona Marshall
James - Bob Carter

Pepper - Jamieson Price
Andross - Jamieson Price

Wolf - Reno Wilson
Leon - David Vincent
Pigma - Jamieson Price
Oikonny - Kirk Thornton
Panther - Patrick Seitz

Bill - Kirk Thornton
Katt - Mona Marshall

Krystal - Kate Higgins

Beltino - Bob Carter
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Default Re: Star Fox voice cast

If Star Fox were licensed / developed in Paris (with the usual 6 or 7 actors):

Fox McCloud - Tercelin Kirtley
Falco Lombardi - David Gasman
Peppy Hare - Paul Bandey
Slippy Toad - Sharon Mann
ROB 64 - Christian Erickson
Bill Grey - Matthew Geczy
Katt Monroe - Mirabelle Kirkland
General Pepper - Paul Bandey
Wolf O'Donnell - Christian Erickson
Leon Powalski - Joe Sheridan
Pigma Dengar - David Gasman
Andrew Oikonny - Matthew Geczy
Andross - Paul Bandey
James McCloud - David Gasman
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Default Re: Star Fox voice cast

(Just came up with a casting choice for Slippy.)

Slippy Toad: Michael Yurchak (Jet the Hawk, Sonic Free Riders)

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Default Re: Star Fox voice cast

Typecasting, I know: Mark Allan Stewart as Falco Lombardi. He'd remind me a lot of Dex Manley's version.
Jason Aaron gave Boba Fett a kryptonite-like weakness to blind people.
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Default Re: Star Fox voice cast

Originally Posted by MilanTheVillain01 View Post
Team Star Fox:

Fox - Roger Craig Smith.

James - Roger Craig Smith.
Wow that's creepy, you read my mind on that one. Now if I may, I would like to borrow/steal your template for a moment

Star Fox:

Fox - Roger Craig Smith
Falco - Mike Varker
Peppy - Corey Burton or Rick May
Slippy - Spike Spencer
Krystal - Amber Lee Connors

Star Wolf:

Wolf - Chris Sabat
Leon - Ja Green
Pigma - Richard Epar
Andrew - Kyle Hebert
Panther - David Scully

Supporting Cast:

R.O.B. 64 - Sean Schemmel
General Pepper - Jamieson Price
James - Roger Craig Smith
Bill - Troy Baker
Katt - Laura Bailey


Andross - Fred Tatasciore
General Scales - Chris Sabat
Aparoid Queen - Meredith McCoy
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Default Re: Star Fox voice cast

Originally Posted by CatsTuxedo View Post
Fox McCloud - Brad Swaile
Falco Lombardi - Kirby Morrow
Peppy Hare - Jim Byrnes
Slippy Toad - Cathy Weseluck
Krystal - Brenna O'Brien
ROB - Peter New
James McCloud - Ian James Corlett

Wolf O'Donnell - Paul Dobson
Leon Powalski - Brad Swaile
Pigma Dengar - Scott McNeil
Andrew Oikonny - Peter New
Panther Caluroso - Mark Acheson

General Pepper - Blu Mankuma
Bill Grey - Peter New

Andross - Scott McNeil
General Scales - Brian Drummond

Katt Monroe - Cathy Weseluck
Tricky - Ian James Corlett
Beltino Toad - Ian James Corlett
I can see Richard Newman doing Andross. It's typecasting, but still. :p
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