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Default VAs at Kameha Con

Here are the guests set to appear at Kameha Con in May. Quite the lineup on anyone's book. Also, I'm told there will be four surprise guests whose names have yet to be revealed.

List so far:

Ryo Horikawa

Ocean (yes, Ocean):
Peter Kelamis
Brian Drummond

Sean Schemmel
Chris Sabat
Dameon Clarke
Linda Young
Eric Vale
Monica Rial
Kara Edwards
Jason Douglas
Josh Martin
Cynthia Cranz
Chris Rager
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Sonny Strait
Kyle Hebert
Mike McFarland
Ian Sinclair
Chuck Huber
Jeremy Inman
Jeannie Tirado
Laurie Steele
Phil Parsons
John Burgmeier
Justin Cook

Honourary Guests:
Krystal LaPorte
Chris Ayres

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Default Re: VAs at Kameha Con

Sean, you dick.
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Default Re: VAs at Kameha Con


Schemmel is pathetic.

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Default Re: VAs at Kameha Con

Good grief. That's sad. How petty can someone get over this? ****, you know Peter Kelamis played Goku BEFORE Sean Schemmel? And that's not even getting to the fact that neither of them originated the role either in general or even in English.
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Default Re: VAs at Kameha Con

It seems like Sean is really insecure about the fact that anyone else has played Goku in English besides him. It's like he attaches a lot of self worth to playing Goku, and he feels threatened by people recognizing others as having contributed to Dragon Ball and Goku's success in the English-speaking world. I think he needs to do some serious introspection or maybe even see a therapist if this stuff is affecting him like this.

That being said, if he truly is behind this, his childish behavior is inexcusable in my opinion. If it bothers him that much, then he could do the decent thing and cancel his own appearance at the Con. Don't ruin other people's good time because you're insecure.
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Default Re: VAs at Kameha Con

Well the princess Leias are much better when it comes to this

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