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Default Re: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I've watched it online fully ausome movie but i think it would be better with Megan Fox...Ultimate movie. I am waiting next part of Transformers Movie...

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Default Re: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I saw Transformers 3 today and it was awesome
Best of the 3 movies
It had awesome action scenes like the part when Optimus Prime cut off Megatron head
The Wreckers were funny and awesome,They should get more screens if they plan to make a Transformers 4
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Default Re: Dark of the Moon

Originally Posted by Foxwolf View Post
ok, true. i guess what I meant was more interaction between all the Bot members. One scene from the first movie is when there's on the observatory talking about saving Bumblebee and protecting humans. Basically have a conversation that contributes to the story rather than just scenes like the Twins in ROTF (who I think could've been dumped down and give more dialogue to the other bots). Stuff like "Ironhide, we should leave this planet", "thats not what Optimus would want" I don't really count. It's cool but has little to no impact.

The dialogue with Prime and Sentinel were fantastic. I'm saying if we had more convos like that amongst all Bots and Cons would've been cool.

Things that would've be epicly awesome to have in DOTM would've been.
- The Autobot shuttle was actually Omega Supreme.
- Non car-based Autobots
- Prime devising a military plan after they "come back from the dead" so the "we take the battle to them" felt more like a strategic strike.

As for reboot or sequel, honestly I don't mind. I just want more live action TF movies!!!

Q: I keep reading about Stealth Force on tfw2005. What is it????
I do agree that some more scenes of the Autobots (or Decepticons for that matter) speaking and interacting with each other would be cool. Especially if it was lengthy and helped move the plot forward, like the Observatory sequence you mentioned. This was something that was sorely lacking from RotF, in my opinion, and that they tried to get back in DotM. But I do understand that they can't just have 2+ hours of robots talking to each other (even though I'd still totally watch that!). I'm just glad that we had a substantial amount of Autobots addressing each other by name. If we can't have lengthy conversations between them, we can at least have them call each other by name. Just adds to the fact that these CG giants are characters. Heck, Sideswipe alone address Ironhide twice, Dino once, Que once and Ratchet once. Optimus addresses The Wreckers twice, Que address Ironhide and Bumblebee by name. I'd say that the "prisoner scene" had a lot of character/depth between 'Bee and Que. Two friends who were just taken from each other. And of course, the interactions between Optimus and Sentinel were superb. The best of the entire trilogy, if I do say so myself. It really felt that these two had a history together. And the Decepticon scene in Africa was fantastic! Such awesome interaction from these villains. Showing us that they don't need to be destroying pyramids or rampaging downtown to be devious and evil.
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