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Default Riding Bean/Gunsmith Cats

I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone try their spin on the brainchildren of Kenichi Sonoda. I aim to fix that. I'll kick into overdrive with my idea for a new dub of the OVA that started it all...

Bean Bandit - Matt Mercer
Rally Vincent - Lauren Landa

Semmerling - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Carrie - Brianna Knickerbocker

Percy - Dan Woren
Dick - Steve Staley
Chief - Michael McConnohie

George Grimwood - Michael Sorich
Chelsea Grimwood - Hunter Austin
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Default Re: Riding Bean/Gunsmith Cats

What if...Gunsmith Cats launched into a full-on TV series following the OVA?

Irene "Rally" Vincent - Amanda Winn-Lee
"Minnie May" Hopkins - Kimberly Yates
Becky "The Nose" Farrah - Tiffany Grant
Roy Coleman - Guil Lunde

New additions:
Bean Bandit - Jay Hickman
Ken Takizawa - Jason Douglas
Misty Brown - Hillary Haag
Riff-Raff - Kelly Manison

Bonnie and Clyde Dorman - Jenny Strader and Mark X. Laskowski
Gray - Paul Sidello
Jones - Kurt Stoll
Borgnine - John Swasey
Goldie Musou - Emily Carter-Essex
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