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Convention & Public Appearances Let us know of upcoming VA appearances or your experiences in the past.

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Default Re: VAs at Kameha Con

Originally Posted by Kioea View Post
We'd've certainly heard about it by now if there was - they'd've hardly been able to keep that a secret with so many witnesses (volunteers included). Everything I've heard says everyone was on their best behaviour, and that the guests were all happy to be there. Which leads me to ask, do you just mean bad blood? Because that changes the meaning somewhat.
Yeah, I guess I should have said that.

I just don't know what's Schemmel's problem with other Goku VA's. Ironically enough, he doesn't mind Lex Lang or Steve Blum.
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Default Re: VAs at Kameha Con

OK, I know what I said last time, but things just took an interesting turn. Now we've got... Mexican Goku. This is making me wonder if next year's convention will have a more international flavour. Who else are they going to get, and from where? I'm chiefly curious now as to whether Wendel Bezzera's going to show up. Mexican Goku and Brazilian Goku? That sounds like an interesting panel.

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