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Default Corpse Party

Feel free to use this thread to post Dream Casts for anything from the Corpse Party franchise.

My Dream Cast has been specifically made for the anime "Corpse Party: Tortured Souls".

If an English dub for Corpse Party: Tortured Souls had been made for streaming and video releases,
this would be my Dream Cast.

Imagined Release Date: 26 January 2016, the date of the actual English language video release for
Corpse Party: Tortured Souls in sub-only form.

Studio: NYAV Post

> Satoshi Mochida: Michael Sinterniklaas
> Naomi Nakashima: Cassandra Lee Morris
> Ayumi Shinozaki: Cherami Leigh
> Seiko Shinohara: Lisa Ortiz
> Yuka Mochida: Xanthe Huynh
> Yoshiki Kishinuma: Ray Chase
> Mayu Suzumoto: Carrie Savage
> Sakutaro Morishige: Yuri Lowenthal
> Yui Shishido: Veronica Taylor
> Yuuya Kizami: Crispin Freeman
> Naho Saenoki: Michelle Ruff
> Sachiko Shinozaki: Stephanie Sheh

> Yuki Kanno: Brittany Lauda
> Ryou Yoshizawa: Casey Mongillo
> Tokiko Tsuji: Michelle Ruff
> Yoshikazu Yanagihori: Marc Diraison
> Takamine Yanagihori: J. David Brimmer
> Yoshie Shinozaki: Stephanie Sheh
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