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Default Light Novel Audiobooks

This is an interesting little tidbit that I thought would make some nice discussion. I'm putting it here since LN's and anime are pretty related and the discussion could be very anime related.

While VAs often do audiobook reading (Cassandra Morris and Chris Patton come to mind immediately), Vertical did an interesting experiment where they got voice actors to come in read for the Light Novel. So instead of an audiobook, which would have one reader, it would rotate between a few.

While I believe there is an Attack on Titan one (which I haven't picked up), I listened to the Kizumonogatari audiobook, which had Erik Kimerer, Cristina Vee, and Keith Silverstein. It was quite good. For a number of reasons, I think it wouldn't be a good idea to dub the Monogatari series, but reading for an audiobook is a solid idea IMO. The unfortunate part is that there are more than 3 major characters, so often everyone's pulling double duty. Each VA does a great job, but once you pick up on the fact that they're voicing multiple characters, it's hard to suspend your disbelief about it IMO. (Obviously it's a cost factor).

So, just to stimulate discussion...

Have you guys listened to these audiobooks? Do you plan on listening to them? Would you like audiobooks of other light novels?

Personally, I would love an audiobook set for Haruhi Suzumiya with the dub actors. I will shell out all the money to hear Crispin Freeman narrate the series as Kyon.

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Default Re: Light Novel Audiobooks

I feel English originals might be an easier idea for audiobooks than animated stuff. Yes, Kyon audiobook would be awesome.
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Default Re: Light Novel Audiobooks

Originally Posted by huzaifa_ahmed View Post
...Kyon audiobook would be awesome.
Agreed. I would also love if Lisa Ortiz read the Slayers novels (as they are all from Lina Inverse's POV)!
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