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Default The Boy and The Beast English Cast

The English cast for The Boy and the Beast has recently been announced on their Twitter and Facebook account.


https://twitter.com/TBoyAndTBeast (Check at the 14th of Januarie tweets)

English voices:
Kyuta (Teen): Eric Vale
Kyuta (Young): Luci Christian
Kumatetsu: John Swasey
Kaede: Bryn Apprill
Chico: Monica Rial
Tatara: Ian Sinclair
Iozen: Sean Hennigan
Ichirohiko (teen): Austin Tindle
Ichirohiko (Young): Morgan Berry
Jiromaru (teen): Josh Grelle
Jiromaru (Young): Brittney Karbowski
Kyuta's Father: Chuck Huber
Kyuta's Mother: Jessica Cavanagh
Lord (Soushi): Steve Powell

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Default Re: The Boy and The Beast English Cast

Twitter bio states they're unofficial...

Guessing that wasn't originally written there when this info was first discovered but one big red flag that everybody should've noticed regardless is the fact that neither the twitter or facebook account link any official website of the title or any companies that created it or licensed it

It's a dumb marketing decision for official social media accounts to not link a crucial piece of information (it was in the running for an Oscar nomination), so either the person who runs those accounts is an amateur at their job (possible but unlikely) if they were official, or they're both fake accounts made by a not-so-smart fan...

But who knows maybe there is a slim chance this anonymous fan got hold of the cast list (would be pretty sloppy of FUNimation not to announce it first) but until FUNimation or the VAs themselves confirm the roles nothing will be added.

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