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Default Re: Cuphead

Originally Posted by Mutant God View Post
Cuphead - Jeremy Shada
Mugman - Jason Ritter
Elder Kettle - Frank Welker
Pork Rind - John DiMaggio
Alice Chalice - Hynden Walch

The Devil - Jim Cummings
King Dice - Phil LaMarr

Isle 1:
The Root Pack:
Moe Tato - Maurice LaMarche
Psycarrot - Rob Paulson
Weepy - Tress MacNeille

Goopy Le Grande - John Kassir
Ribby - Scott Menville
Croaks - Greg Cipes
Hilda Berg - Candi Milo
Cagney Carnation - Dan Castellaneta

Isle 2:
Baroness Von Bon Bon - Nancy Cartwright
Djimmi the Great - Daran Norris
Beppi the Clown - Eric Bauza
Wally Warbles/Wally Jr. - Billy West
Grim Matchstick - Kevin Michael Richardson

Isle 3:
Rumor Honeybottoms - Roz Ryan
Captain Brienybeard - Gary Anthony Willaims
Dr. Kahl - Dwight Schultz
Cala Maria - Grey Griffin
Werner Werman - Dee Bradley Baker
Sally Stageplay - Kari Walhgren

Phantom Express:
T-Bone - Fred Tatasciore
Blaze Brothers - Bill Farmer
Blind Spector - Paul Rugg

King's Casino:
Tipsy Troop - Richard Horvitz and Pamela Adlon
Chips Bettigan - Jeff Bennet
Mr. Wheezy - Hank Azaria
Pip - Tom Kenny
Dot - Jill Tally
Hopus Pocus - Jess Harnell
Phear Lap - Roger Craig Smith
Pirouletta - Kath Soucie
Mangosteen - Jeff Bergman
Mr. Chimes - Carlos Alazraqui

Adding DLC - Delicious Last Course

Chef Saltbaker - Alan Tudyk

Glumstone - Bill Fagerbakke

Mortimer Freeze - Rodger Bumpass

Moonshine Mob:
Spider - Khary Payton
Ladybug - Dawn Lewis
Anteater - Diedrich Bader
Snail - Stephen Root

Howling Aces:
Bulldog - Clancy Brown
Saluki - Olivia d'Abo
Pups - Tara Strong

Esther Winchester - Jennifer Hale

King of Games - Keith David
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