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Interviews with Voice Actors Conducted, listened to or read a great VA interview share your experiences here.

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Default Dorothy Fahn and Johnny Yong Bosch on Trigunís twentieth anniversary!

Johnny: https://dotandline.net/johnny-yong-b...w-8aaed6b032a5
Dorothy: https://dotandline.net/dorothy-elias...w-388fe9895a58

Nice huh? I must say it was great to see them revisit there roles from twenty years ago!

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Default Re: Dorothy Fahn and Johnny Yong Bosch on Trigunís twentieth anniversary!

Please don't make threads that are just links with no further context. Try to put something in the OP so the topic has a jumping-off point to discuss.
"Good VO in a game takes THREE things. Having good actors, as crucial as they are, is not enough. You need good actors, good writing, and a good director. Oh, and ample time helps a lot too. If you've ever wondered why one of your favorite actors is amazing in one game, and not quite as stellar in another, there is a good chance that the budget or other circumstances didn't allow for much exploration or digging, and the work was just blasted through." - Liam O'Brien
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