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Default Mario Tennis Aces - Backhanded request thread.

Nintendo's lastest tennis game is soon to hit homes next week and many people are pretty excited about it.

I for one love the return of special shots and the gimmicks this time around look more competitive than usual.

As a side note i was able to get some Voice Actor info since a friend actually has the game and beat it so he let me see ending credits.

this is the list of character voices.

Note that CAMELOT made a mistake in the past game with Rosalina's voice actress, crediting Kerri Kane (previous actress) instead , but now it's fixed to credit the current actress (Laura Faye Smith)

HOWEVER it should be noted that while Kerri's voice is not present in Ultra Smash for wii u, her voice is actually used in here , Mario Tennis Aces.

During most special sequences Rosalina has Kerri's voice and not Laura's, but during the tennis match normal events (hitting the ball and such) she keeps Laura's because its recycled from Ultra Smash.

So Rosalina is voiced by both Laura and Kerri , not only just one of them.

As a side note , Scott Burns is the annnouncer again but voice clips of his old voice portrayal are used for Bowser mixed with Kenny James as well.

This again happens with Bowser Jr, who is voiced by Caety Sagoian and has a clip from Dolores Rogers prominently during his special shot sequence.
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Swiftie Muggle
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Default Re: Mario Tennis Aces

adding to this here's a video of the finale.


at 7:48 you can see the exact same list i have linked before for voice cast.
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