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Post Re: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

To this day, fans of this game wants to see a sequel for this game. I'm going to tell you why the game wasn't supported as much.

When it was in development, Sony gave Superbot a very low budget to make the game. In the beta, the roster was a little bit bigger, but some characters have been removed due to time constraints. Here are the characters that were removed from the roster:

Blasto (Blasto)
Buzz (Buzz!)
Dr. Nefarious (Ratchet and Clank)
Ellen (Folklore)
Rau Uta (The Mark of Kri)
Chop Chop Master Onion (Parappa the Rapper)
Eucadian Soldier and Chernovan Soldier (Warhawk)
Kulche (LocoRoco)
Chimera (Resistance)
Yaripon (Patapon)

This is interesting because this is what Superbot's original plans were compared to the roster right now excluding DLC. There was also another a new stage in the beat, but it was cancelled due to time restraints. It was a stage based on Uncharted 2 and Warhawk.

Let's talk about DLC. As we all know, there are four DLC characters:
Kat (Gravity Rush)
Emmett Graves (Starhawk)
Issac Clarke (Dead Space)
Zeus (God of War)

Superbot was getting ready to release the next two characters, but they got shut down before it was even released. Those two characters were Dart (Legend of the Dragoon) and Abe (Oddworld). Superbot were also planning on a few more characters as well, but they got shut down. Also, a new stage was in the works along with Dart and Abe, but it was cancelled. It was a stage based on Gravity Rush and Journey. Here are few more cancelled characters they were planning. Be aware that they are not officially confirmed but they are true:

Snake (Metal Gear) - Superbot originally asked Konami for Snake, but they said no. They told them they can have Raiden instead to promote Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Superbot asked for both Snake and Raiden, but Hideo Kojima doesn't want to see them fight each other.

Lighting (Final Fantasy) - Superbot asked Square Enix for Cloud Strife, but hey refused and told them they could use Lightning. She was planned to be DLC, but she was cancelled.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) - Just like Lightning, she was planned to be DLC, but she was cancelled. If PlayStation All Starts 2 happened, her perfect rivalry would be Nathan Drake.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger - Krome Studios wanted Ty in the game, but it's disappointing that Superbot never contacted them.

Tomba - The president of MonkeyPaw Games, John Greiner, would be glad to have Tomba in All-Stars; however, just like Ty, Superbot never contacted them.

Crash and Spyro - Activison wants to keep every one of their properties multi-platform. It's also said that Activision asked for way too much money for Crash alone.

We had a slew of PS4 exclusives since the PS4 came out. Here are a list of PS4 exclusive games since it came out and a few upcoming ones. I'm excluding remasters and sequels (unless a specific sequel for a specific franchise is for the PS4):

Killzone Shadow Fall
Infamous Second Son
Little Big Planet 3
The Order: 1886
Until Dawn
Tearaway Unfolded
Ratchet and Clank (2016)
Uncharted 4
Horizon Zero Dawn
Gran Turismo Sport
Nier: Automata
The Last Guardian
God of War (2018)
Detroit: Become Human
Spider-Man (2018)
The Last of Us Part II
Death Stranding
Ghost of Tsushima

That's all I have to say about this game. Do you think a sequel for this game should happen? What is your dream roster? What guest characters would you like to see? What are some of your dream stages?
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Post Re: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

My Dream Roster and Stages:

Returning Characters:
Kratos (God of War)
Fat Princess
Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)
Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
Cole McGrath (good and evil) (Infamous)
Jak and Daxter
Ratchet and Clank
Kat (Gravity Rush)
Heiachi (Tekken)
Big Daddy (Bioshock)
Spike (Ape Escape)
Sackboy (Little Big Planet)
Dante (Devil May Cry (I want to see Classic Dante))
Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
Sir Daniel (Midevil)
Radec (Killzone)
Zeus (God of War)

New Characters:
Sev (Killzone)
Delsin Rowe (good and evil) (Infamous)
Joel and Ellie (The Last of Us)
Dart (Legend of the Dragoon)
Abe (Oddworld)
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
2B (Nier: Automata)
Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)
Solid Snake or Big Boss (Metal Gear)
Ellen (Folklore)
Messenger (Teraway: Unfolded)
Shovel Knight
The Hunter (Bloodborne)
Ethan Mars (Heavy Rain) (if possible)
Vashyron or Zephyr (Resonance of Fate)
Owen Wagnor (Hitman)
Dr. Nefarious (Ratchet and Clank)

New Guest Characters:
Crash Bandicoot (if possible because Activision cares about money)
Spyro (if possible because Activision cares about money)
Mega Man X (Capcom)
Chuck Greene (Dead Rising) (Capcom)
Arthur (Ghost "N Goblins) (Capcom)
Amaterasu (Okami) (Capcom)
Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
Kazuya or Jin (Tekken)
Lightning (Final Fantasy) (Square Enix)
Sepiroh (Final Fantasy) (Square Enix)
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
Rayman (Ubisoft)
Ezio Auditore (Assassin's Creed) (Ubisoft)
Spider-Man (if possible because of the new Spider Man game coming this September)
Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) (Konami)
Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
Ivy (Soul Calibur)
Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)

Hekesville (Gravity Rush X Journey)
Miner's Rift or Boardwalk (ModNation Racers X MotorStorm: Apocalypse)
Dance Floor (Bust-A-Groove X Tekken)
The Train (Uncharted 2 X Warhawk)
The Bridge (Journey X Shadow of the Colossus)
Rupture Farms (Oddworld X Velocity)
Dreadzone (Ratchet and Clank X Little Big Planet)
Vekta (Killzone X Final Fantasy)
The High School (The Last of Us X God of War)
Exit Stage Left (Escape Plan X Mercury)
Seattle (Infamous Second Son X Jak and Daxter)
Shadow Moses (Metal Gear X Cool Boarders)
Castle (Ico X Killzone)
Diesel City (Twisted Metal X Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)
Palisades Mall (Dead Rising 2 X Ratchet and Clank)
The Media Dimension (Gex X Vib-Ribbon)
Dragon Kingdom (Spyro the Dragon X Blasto)
Shibuya (Tokyo Jungle X Silent Hill)
Tigershark Bayou (Invizimals X Rayman)
Empty City (The Unfinished Swan X Tomba)
Uranium Spaceport (Blasto X Gex)
The Town (Bloodeborne X Nier: Automata)
N. Sanity Island (Crash Bandicoot X The Last of Us)
Wily's Castle (Mega Man X X Twisted Metal)
Unity Square (Wipeout X Metal Gear)
Celes (Legend of the Dragoon X Invizimals)
Otherworld (Silent Hill X Legend of the Dragoon)
Josh's Cabin (Until Dawn X LocoRoco)
Rapture (Bioshock X Crash Bandicoot)
Rival Arena (a new look from the first game)
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Post Re: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 Leaks

I just read a few rumors that the squeal for this game is in progress. The sequel is now being developed by Game Arts. Let's hope Sony gave them a big budget. I will provide the links at the end of this post so your can go read them.

They said there will be over thirty characters to play and over twenty stages to play on. In the demo, these are the confirmed characters and stages:

Kratos (God of War)
Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
Crash Bandicoot
Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)
Ratchet and Clank
Morgana (Persona)
Noctis (Final Fantasy)

PlayStation Arena
Wumpa Island (Crash Bandicoot x Horizon)
Mementos (Persona x WipEout)
Tearaway (Tearaway x Vib Ribbon)

They said that there going to give the characters a life bar instead of the level attacks from the first game. They said there were going to release the game in Fall 2018. All I can say is, I hope so. I hope they add Knack, Delsin Rowe, and Dante (the old one) in the sequel. If they lied before winter this year, I'm gonna be disappointed. Here are the links:

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