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Default 10 Best Voice Directors of All Time

Hey guys. I just wanted to start this interesting thread in order to acknowledge the people behind the voice actors... RECORDING DIRECTORS!!! Recording directors (refered to as dialogue directors before the 70's) are a very important part of a voice performance. Their purpose is to guide and make suggestions to the voice performers in order to bring their best performance out of them.

Here are my top 10 favorite recording directors of all time...

1) Bernard Cowan

67 Spider-Man wouldn't have been the awesome show it was if it wasn't for Bernard Cowan's excellent direction. A veteran radio announcer and dialogue director, Cowan was considered a father figure to all of his co-workers, and his experience made him a natural choice to direct the Spider-Man cartoon as well as the 1964 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Special. My favorite recording director of all time.

2) Stu Rosen

A pioneer in his field, Stu Rosen's direction in Phantom 2040 is highly praised by many people. His casting choices were accomplished dramatic actors who gave complex voice performances. However, the reason why I liked Rosen's work was mainly because of Pryde of the X-Men. His casting choices in Pryde were absolutely perfect (especially Earl Boen as Magneto and Alexandra Stoddart as Dazzler), and his direction is excellent. Another great director.

3) Alan Dinehart

A veteran from the old radio days (he directed Orson Welles in The Shadow), the experienced Dinehart was a very natural choice to direct Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and the Battle of the Planets dub. His casting choices were some of the most fitting choices in any show. Especially the villains. For the villains, he hired the most talented and experienced performers in the world. Dennis Marks gave a very awesome performance as the Green Goblin. Shepard Menken brought a nice balance of menace and hamminess to Dr. Doom while Hans Conried provides one of the best performances in the entire show as the Chameleon. All the villains had one thing in common: they had the best evil laughs I've ever heard!!!! The main and supporting characters were also well chosen: Dan Gilvezan as Spidey, Frank Welker as Iceman and Kathy Garver as Firestar are perfect casting choices. And he really chose endearing performers for the awesome Battle of the Planets dub. Dinehart is another director that should deserve some recognition.

4) Gordon Hunt

The last two SuperFriends shows had improved greatly compared to the previous ones. Although the previous shows had great acting, these two were a lot better in that regard. Gordon Hunt's voice direction was a lot better and a lot more daring than before, bringing more emotion into the characters and giving them more personality.

5) Don Jurwich

Jurwich's voice direction on the SuperFriends cartoons from 1978 to 1982, the 1982 Hulk show and G.I. Joe (which he directed alongside Wally Burr) made him a great recording director. The Hulk cartoon he directed had a lot of great casting choices and performances. Another recording director to admire, respect and recognize.

6) Wally Burr

One of the best recording directors of the 20th century, Burr's excellent direction was what made G.I. Joe, Transformers and the early SuperFriends shows so great. Burr made even some of the minor characters in these shows memorable. Even characters with just one line of dialogue had a vocal quirk that made them memorable. Another director who deserves some respect and recognition.

7) Andrea Romano

The last SuperFriends show had a lot of things that made it stood out from the previous ones, one of them was this: the casting choices had IMPROVED!!! They kept the best voices from the previous shows and replaced some still great performers with even better ones. While Gordon Hunt directed this show, casting was made by then-future recording director Andrea Romano. Andrea's choices for The Super Powers Team were a lot more ambitious than the previous shows, using a perfect mix between well known actors like Ernie Hudson, Darryl Hickman and Bob Doqui as well as established TV veterans like Jerry Houser, Arlene Golonka and Ken Sansom and people that were established in the voice-over business like Peter Cullen, Andre Stojka and radio veteran Michael Rye, Romano was one of the first casting directors to use celebrities in cartoon roles along with established voice performers. She continued to use this method in the 92 Batman cartoon, which had some of the most impactful voice performances I've ever heard. She keeps directing and casting for cartoons and animated movies, but sadly, none of her work after the 92 Batman show (that means from the 96 Superman show onwards, not counting New Batman Adventures nor Batman Beyond) has left the impact that The Super Powers Team cartoon and the Batman cartoon had on me.

8) Sue Blu

Sue Blu's directing is one of the best aspects about 90s shows. Street Fighter, Beast Wars, Beast Machines and Darkstalkers are among Sue Blu's best directorial works ever.

9) Doug Parker

He is one of the best Canadian directors out there. He really demonstrated his directing abilities in DiC's G.I. Joe cartoon. He has also directed other shows, but I haven't seen them. Another memorable director.

10) Madeleine Bascom

She directed some of my favorite DiC shows like Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Captain N and G.I. Joe (along with Doug Parker). She also directed DiC's Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. Her direction made her an effective choice to pull off some of the most energetic performances I've heard.

Hope you like this thread. You can post your thoughts about my choices and tell me which are your 10 favorite recording directors.

Take care

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