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Default Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney Dream Casts

Transferring this from the old thread:

*Ryuichi Naruhodo / Phoenix Wright - Billy West
*Chihiro Ayasato / Mia Fey - Nicole Olivier
*Mayoi Ayasato / Maya Fey - Brittany Snow
*Reiji Mitsurugi / Miles Edgeworth - Crispin Freeman
*Keisuke Itonokogiri / Dick Gumshoe - Patrick Warburton
*Masashi Yahari / Larry Butz - Quinton Flynn
*Takefumi Auchi / Winston Payne - Wallace Shawn
*Hoshio Yamano / Frank Sawhit - Nolan North
*Umeyo Shochiku / April May - Tara Strong
*Masaru Konaka / Redd White - Phil LaMarr
*The Bellboy - Cam Clarke
*Soranosuke Hoshigake / Marvin Grossberg - Timothy Spall
*The Judge - John Goodman
*Saburo Niboshi / Will Powers - Diedrich Bader
*Kyuta Otaki / Cody Hackins - Maile Flanagan
*Yumiko Mamiya / Penny Nichols - Hynden Walch
*Kaoru Oba / Wendy Oldbag - Susan Silo
*Takuya Uzai / Sal Manella - Jimmy Zoppi
*Sakura Himegami / Dee Vasquez - Tress MacNeille
*Go Karuma / Manfred von Karma - Clancy Brown
*Natsumi Osawagi / Lotta Hart - Shanelle Workman-Gray
*Kotaro Haine / Yanni Yogi - Bill Farmer
*Tomoe Houdzuki / Lana Skye - Cricket Leigh
*Akane Houdzuki / Ema Skye - Olivia Hack
*Kaiji Ganto / Damon Gant - Tim Allen
*Kyosuke Zaimon / Jake Marshall - Scott McNeil
*Kyoka Ichinotani / Angel Starr - Veronica Taylor
*Susumu Harabai / Mike Meekins - Dee Bradley Baker
*Mako Suzuki / Maggey Byrde - Kari Wahlgren
*Takamasa Moroheiya / Richard Wellington - Vic Mignogna
*Mei Karuma / Franziska von Karma - Grey DeLisle
*Harumi Ayasato / Pearl Fey - Chantal Strand
*Kimiko Ayasato / Morgan Fey - Susan Blakeslee
*Nodoka Hanaka / Ini Miney - Carolyn Lawrence
*Hotta Clinic Doctor - David Herman
*Maximillion Galactica (Kohei Yamada) / (Billy Bob Johns) - David Bowie
*Mirika (Rika Tachimi) - Andrea Libman
*Tommy (Matsuo Tomida) / Moe (Lawrence Curls) - Steve Blum
*Ben Kizumi and Rilo / Benjamin Woodman and Trilo Quist - Paul Reubens
*Acro (Daisuke Kinoshita) / (Ken Dingling) - Kirk Thornton
*Shingo Otoro / Matt Engarde - Brad Swaile
*Kirio Kamiya / Adrian Andrews - Mae Whitman
*Taro Tanaka (Sazaemon Koroshiya) / John Doe (Shelly de Killer) - Jeremy Irons
*Chinami Miyanagi (Satoko Mukui) / Dahlia Hawthorne (Melissa Foster) - Kate Higgins
*Godot - Dan Green
*Yusaku Amasugi / Ron DeLite - Jason Marsden
*Aiga Hoshidake / Luke Atmey - Tom Kenny
*Mareka Amasugi / Desiree DeLite - Daveigh Chase
*The Judge's Brother - John Goodman
*Zenitora (Toranosuke Shibakuzo) / The Tiger (Furio Tigre) - Chris Sabat
*Urami Shikabane / Viola Cadaverini - Bridget Hoffman
*Shohei Igarashi / Victor Kudo - Edward Asner
*Kaoru Hondobo / Jean Armstrong - Dan Castellaneta
*Keiko Koike / Lisa Basil - Jennifer Hale
*Michiru Onamida / Terry Fawles - Dave Wittenberg
*Ayame / Iris - Kate Higgins
*Elise Tenryusai/Deauxnim - Susan Blakeslee
*Bikini - Russi Taylor
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Default Re: Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney Dream Casts

In the same vein as Capcom's more recent dubs (and consistency with UMVC3)...

Phoenix: Sam Riegel
Maya: Stephanie Sheh
Edgeworth: Christopher Corey Smith
Mia: Wendee Lee
Manfred: Gerald C. Rivers
Franziska: Karen Strassman
Larry: Dave Wittenberg
Godot: Liam O'Brien
Judge: Dave Mallow
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Default Re: Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney Dream Casts

Just key characters for now. Too lazy to cast everyone.

Phoenix Wright :: Christopher Emerson (most likely Sam Riegel)
Miles Edgeworth :: Christopher Corey Smith
Apollo Justice :: Sam Riegel

Mia Fey :: Cindy Robinson
Maya Fey :: Eden Riegel
Ema Skye :: Kate Higgins
Pearl Fey :: Karen Strassman
Trucy Wright :: Cassandra Morris
Kokone Kizuki :: Danielle Judovitts

Dick Gumshoe :: Travis Willingham
Larry Butz :: Ted Sorka
Winston Payne :: Derek Stephen Prince

Manfred von Karma :: Peter Beckman
Franziska von Karma :: Michelle Ruff
Godot :: David Lodge
Judge :: Dave Mallow
Klavier Gavin :: Lucien Dodge
Kristoph Gavin :: Phil LaMarr

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Default Re: Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney Dream Casts

I've been replaying some of these games in anticipation for Dual Destinies. Doing this got me thinking about potential voices. So, here are some thoughts I've ad for the first game's cast. I might do the others later.

Phoenix Wright- Sean Schemmel
Miles Edgeworth- Troy Baker
Mia Fey, Maya Fey & young Ema Skye(She's supposed to be like Maya)- Tara Strong
Judge- Bob Papenbrook
Dick Gumshoe- Chris Sabat
Manfred Von Karma- Frank Welker
Winston Payne- Chris Latta
Larry Butz- Sam Riegel
Frank Sahwit- Robin Atkin Downes
Redd White- Dave Wittenberg
Marvin Grossberg- Kyle Hebert
April May- Laura Bailey
Bellboy- David Kaye
Will Powers- Daran Norris
Wendy Oldbag- Tress MacNeille
Sal Manella- Microsoft Sam
Cody Hackins- Stephanie Nadolny
Penny Nichols- Annette Toutonghi
Dee Vasquez- Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Lotta Hart- Ashleigh Ball
Yanni Yogi & Polly- Scott McNeil
Damon Gant- Fred Tatasciore
Lana Skye- Jennifer Hale
Jake Marshall- John DiMaggio
Angel Starr- Grey DeLisle
Mike Meekins- Terry Klassen

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Default Re: Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney Dream Casts

I don't particularly have an idea for an entire dream cast so-to-speak, but if Tony Jay were still alive I could TOTALLY see him being the perfect choice for Manfred Von Karma.
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Default Re: Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney Dream Casts

Man, looking at my old cast, I really had no concept of "regional differences" -_-; Well, luckily for me, a Vancouver-based voice cast for this particular property is a far more likely prospect than most of my other ones, if Capcom's Dead Rising series is anything to go by

*Ryuichi Naruhodo / Phoenix Wright - Kirby Morrow
*Chihiro Ayasato / Mia Fey - Nicole Oliver
*Mayoi Ayasato / Maya Fey - Shannon Chan Kent
*Harumi Ayasato / Pearl Fey - Chantal Strand
*Masashi Yahari / Larry Butz - Alistair Abell
*Reiji Mitsurugi / Miles Edgeworth - Mark Oliver
*Mei Karuma / Franziska von Karma - Brenna O'Brien
*Godot - Brian Drummond
*Takefumi Auchi / Winston Payne - Terry Klassen
*Keisuke Itonokogiri / Dick Gumshoe - Trevor Devall
*The Judge - Richard Newman

*Hosuke Odoroki / Apollo Justice - Brad Swaile
*Minuki Naruhodo / Trucy Wright - Brittney Irvin
*Kirihito Garyu / Kristoph Gavin - Alessandro Juliani
*Kyoya Garyu / Klavier Gavin - Vincent Tong
*Akane Hozuki / Ema Skye - Andrea Libman
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Default Re: Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney Dream Casts

Phoenix Wright: Sam Riegal
- Why not? He already seems to be the official voice! He does pretty good, plus I think he can also improve even more!

Miles Edgeworth: Crispin Freeman
- Something about Edgeworth just screamed Crispin to me, I don't know why. Plus, his clip as Togusa from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex kinda sealed it for me. Also his role as Gaignun.

Detective Gumshoe: Patrick Seitz
- He's got that deep voice that fits Gumshoe, and can also pull off that funny/fool persona with his voice. While its a dated role, I believe something similar to Dogi from Ys III Wanderers from Ys would be perfect. Travis Willingham could also be good in the role as well!

Maya Fey: Kate Higgins
- Maya is upbeat, vibrant, a little out of this world (naturally) So I wanted to give her a bubbly voice, but not so ear gratingly annoying or childish. So I was thinking something similar to Kate's role as Pascal, though a tad more mature sounding.

Judge: Michael McConnohie
- He's got a wise, aged and gruff voice. Good for comedy and convincing sternness! Any of his roles with an older, gruff voice will do really. Just as long as its not evil and gravelly like some of his roles.

Larry Butz: Yuri Lowenthal
- Young adult, goofy-sounding, a bit erratic. A mix between his Keigo Asano fro Bleach and this clip as well as Yosuke from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

Mia Fey: Kari Wahlgren
- Kari has a very lovely, yet strong voice. Phoenix turns to Mia for help and guidance, so I pictured Mia with a really comforting, soothing yet strong voice. Something like Kari's role as Celty

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Default Re: Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney Dream Casts

I'll try my hand at this, keeping mostly with the Cup of Tea crowd that was used for DD.

Phoenix Wright - Sam Riegel
Miles Edgeworth - Kyle Hebert
Maya Fey - Danielle Judovits
Mia Fey - Laura Bailey
Dick Gumshoe - Patrick Seitz
The Judge - Dave Mitchell, though Michael McConnohie would be a good second option

Manfred Von Karma - JB Blanc
Winston Payne - Vic Mignogna

Redd White - Chris Smith
April May - Stephanie Sheh

Dee Vasquez - Cindy Robinson
Sal Manella - Todd Haberkorn
Wendy Oldbag - Barbara Goodson
Cody Hackins - Brianne Siddall
Penny Nichols - Christine Marie Cabanos
Will Powers - Richard Epcar

Lotta Hart - Megan Hollinghead
Larry Butz - Bryce Papenbrook
Old Guy whose name I forgot - Steve Kramer
His parrot - Wendee Lee

That's about everyone from the main part of the first game except for the guy from the first case and the Bellboy, but who really cares?
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Default Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

A FUNimation cast (those who work at FUNi on usual bases from 2015 - present) of an English Adaptation cast of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Phoenix Wright game.

Phoenix Wright - Eric Vale
Miles Edgeworth - J. Michael Tatum
Mia Fey - Colleen Clinkenbeard
Maya Fey - Monica Rial
Dick Gumshoe - Christopher R. Sabat
Franziska von Karma - Brina Palencia

Larry Butz - Todd Haberkorn
Marvin Grossberg - Kent Williams
Judge - R. Bruce Elliot
Winston Payne - Duncan Brannan
Pearl Fey - Lindsey Seidel
Lotta Hart - Tia Ballard

Frank Sawhit - Barry Yandell

April May - Martha Harms
Bellboy - Alex Organ
Redd White - Rob Mungle

Will Powers - Patrick Seitz
Wendy Oldbag - Julie Mayfield
Penny Nichols - Leah Clark
Sal Manella - Christopher Guerrero
Cody Hackins - Terri Doty
Dee Vasquez - Stephanie Young

Manfred von Karma - John Swasey
Uncle - Justin Cook

Ema Skye - Brittney Karbowski
Lana Skye - Luci Christian
Damon Gant - Kyle Hebert
Mike Meekins - Josh Grelle
Jake Marshall - Chuck Huber
Angel Starr - Jamie Marchi

Maggey Byrde - Gwendolyn Lau
Dustin Prince - Brandon Potter
Richard Wellington - Micah Solusod

Morgan Fey - Carli Mosier
Ini Miney - Trina Nishimura
Turner Grey - Jonathan Brooks
Hotti - Aaron Roberts

Maximillion Galactica - Vic Mignogna
Russell Berry - Bradley Campbell
Benjamin Woodman - Jerry Jewell
Trilo Quist - Chris Cason
Moe - Mike McFarland
Regina Berry - Kate Oxley
Acro - Johnny Yong Bosch
Bat - Aaron Dismuke

Adrian Andrews - Caitlin Glass
Matt Engarde - Robert McCollum
Celeste Inpax (flashback) - Lydia Mackay
Shelly de Killer - Chris Ryan
Juan Corrida (flashback) - John Burgmeier

Doug Swallow - Austin Tindle
Dahlia Hawthorne - Felecia Angelle

Godot - T. Axelrod (Taliesin Jaffe)
Ron DeLite - Greg Ayres
Desirée DeLite - Morgan Garrett
Luke Atmey - Sonny Strait
The Judge #2 - Cole Brown

Glen Elg - Chris Burnett
Jean Armstrong - Anthony Bowling
Victor Kudo - Charles Campbell
Furio Tigre - Chris Rager
Lisa Basil - Elizabeth Maxwell
Viola Cadavareni - Jad Saxton

Terry Fawles - Jeremy Inman
Valerie Hawthorne - Jessica Cavanagh

Mystic Bikini - Wendy Powell
Iris - Alexis Tipton
Elise Deauxnim - Cynthia Cranz

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Default Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright 1-3 and Appollo Justice) Games


I already made a FUNimation cast in a previous thread (http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/...ad.php?t=15642), but this time the Apollo Justice Game is also included. I made a cast list with pictures and the names of the characters, and their voice actors.

Download Link (If viruses are found, ban me):


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