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Mutant God
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Default Wacky Races

Cast for the classic cartoon "Wacky Races"

Narrator - Tom Kane

(#0) Dick Dastardly - Mark Hamill
Muttley - Frank Welker

(#1) Rock Slag - Tom Kenny
Gravel Slag - Bill Fagerbakke

(#2) Little Gruesome - Richard Horvitz
Big Gruesome - John DiMaggio

(#3) Professor Pat Pending - Daran Norris

(#4) Red Max - Charlie Adler

(#5) Penelope Pitstop - Tara Strong

(#6) Sergeant Blast - Maurice LaMarche
Private Meekly - Rob Paulson

(#7) Clyde - Kevin Michael Richardson
Ring-A-Ding - Greg Cipes

(#8) Lazy Luke - Carlos Alazraqui

(#9) Peter Perfect - Scott Menville

(#10) Rufus Ruffcut - Diedrich Bader
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Default Re: Wacky Races

Time for Canadian Wacky Races

Mark Griffin - Narrator

(#00) Noel Johansen - Dick Dastardly
Louis Chrillos - Muttley

(#01) Colin Murdock and Scott McNeil - Rock and Gravel Slag

(#02) Brian Drummond - Big Grusome
Matt Hill - Little Grusome

(#03) Alessandro Juliani - Professor Pat Pending

(#04) Scott McNeil - Red Max

(#05) Sarah Edmondson - Penelope Pitstop

(#06) Brian Dobson - Sergeant Blast
Samuel Vincent - Private Meekley

(#07) Michael Dobson - Clyde
Ian James Corlett - Ring-A-Ding

(#08) Lee Tockar - Lazy Luke

(#09) Andrew Francis - Peter Prefect

(#10) Brian Dobson - Rufus Ruffcut
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Default Re: Wacky Races

I nominate Michael Bell as Dastardly and either Kath Souice or Grey Griiffin as Penelope Pitstop. That is, if Janet Waldo doesn't want to reprise the role.
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Post Re: Wacky Races

I haven't seen that much of "Wacky Races", but I thought this would be fun to do!

Announcer - Jeff Bergman
Dick Dastardly - Eric Bauza
Muttley - Frank Welker
Penelope Pitstop - Kate Higgins
Peter Perfect - Daran Norris
Professor Pat Pending - Rob Paulsen
Red Max - Stephen Stanton
Rock Slag - Scott Innes
Gravel Slag - Kevin Michael Richardson
Big Gruesome - Jeff Bennett
Li'l Gruesome - Dee Bradley Baker
Sergeant Blast - Gregg Berger
Private Meekly - Michael Bell
Clyde - Jim Cummings
Ring-a-Ding - Billy West
Lazy Luke - Jess Harnell
Blubber Bear - Frank Welker
Rufus Ruffcut - Fred Tatasciore
Sawtooth - Dee Bradley Baker
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Default Re: Wacky Races

Great cast. I especially like Daran Norris as Peter Perfect.
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