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Hah?What are You a Joker?
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Default BTVA Patreon - Goals

Here is where we can brainstorm, discuss, and collect feedback for goals that we, the BTVA staff, can accomplish using Patreon.

Here is a short list of goal ideas we have brainstormed as a site, for the short-term and long-term. Obviously this will all depend on how much extra funding we can get.


- We intend to post a "BTVA Monthly Update" listing significant achievements and site updates made during the previous month, and planned for the next.

- We intend to provide Credit Verification for Japanese voice actors.

- Will help to fund the BTVA Awards and Anime Awards.

- Obviously since we're getting paid for our work now, this means staff can dedicate more time from our (busy - believe me we're busy) lives and ensure a high level of sitewide output. Not just TMG pages, but also VCs, News Posts, and VC updates. Also updates to pre-existing pages.

- Add more specific information to TMG, Character, and VA Info Pages.

- General QOL improvements for the site

- Further commitment to bigger, better, and frequent Voice Compare Spotlights.

LONG TERM (aka Ambitious):

- BTVA Podcast/VA Interviews

- Implement Episodes for TV Shows and Video Games (i.e. for episodic games, games with DLC)

- Add new sections for content such as Web, Music Videos, Toys

- BTVA mobile friendly site (phones and tablets)

- Casting Call rebuild


You can tell us which of these goals you'd like, which you dislike (and why! PLEASE tell us why), and suggest your own ideas. All discussion is open and welcome here.

For the first little while we will probably look more at "easier"/short-term goals just as we start things out, but we are absolutely interested in the prospect of "bigger"/long-term goals. They're a big part in why we're doing this. Of course we'll need the support for that, but by all means feel free to leave your thoughts.

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Default Re: BTVA Patreon - Goals

More Voice Compares and funding both BTVA awards are great
We could use a stretch goal to remove the clickbait ads around the website
Voice Compares are awesome
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Hah?What are You a Joker?
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Default Re: BTVA Patreon - Goals

Ha, I might have to ask Fox about that. I suppose if you're already giving us money you don't need to see ads...

And for sure. Above all the top priority is supporting the site as it is now, so funding the awards and being able to provide a good amount of content and VC output are key things. From there the rest of our goals would be more focused on how we can take things above and beyond to the next level. There are a bunch of ideas we've had cooking in our brains for a long time now so hopefully if things go well we might be able to achieve some of them in good time.
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Shaun Ince
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Default Re: BTVA Patreon - Goals

These are all great ideas. As someone who is frequently on the voice compare section, so the fact that you'll be able to get material for them much easier is a plus. When I find the time to pledge, I'll definitely pledge to it.
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Default Re: BTVA Patreon - Goals

Great idea you guys! I've been quite addicted to the Voice Compare section but I've also learned a lot about voice actors and their roles when browsing through this site. So this would certainly help up boost up more content!

I might make a donation but I'm not as familiar with Patreon so it will need to be in the near future.
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Default Re: BTVA Patreon - Goals

Mobile friendly site is huge to me. I don't really look at BTVA as much on my PC anymore since I'm usually out of the house but mobile navigating is a challenge. I know it's not easy but I think it would be overall amazing if you could come up with a slimmed down version.

These are awesome, realistic, and helpful goals. I do hope this works out. Waiting for money to transfer to my Paypal so I can pledge.

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Default Re: BTVA Patreon - Goals

While I'm sure it's a long shot, I think an option to edit a pre-existing show's page would potentially go a long way to ensuring that most, if not all shows, movies, games and the like, stay as up to date as possible.

I imagine the same rules that apply for requesting a show on the forums will apply here--photo of character, character's VA, credits, and the like--users can potentially upload the required information, which could then be added by a staff member at their own discretion/leisure.

Plus, this'll probably clear up some of the requests in the forums for additional characters and the like that are missing from ongoing or occasionally updated show pages.
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