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Default If StarTropics got a remake with VAs added, what VA casts do you like to see in it?

I did picked out some retro video games that might deserve some remakes. I do think StarTropics I & II: Zoda's Revenge should get a remake like Famicom Detetive Club on Nintendo Switch and the Fire Emblem remakes got. Since we know that alot of modern video games remakes are getting VAs added in. I had some thoughts of which part for what casts should appear for the possible StarTropics remakes. I might pick either of them based on LA casts like Fire Emblem series, Xenoblad Chronicles X, etc.

My Pick that I could go for the possible StarTropics remakes are:
  1. Billy Kametz, Max Millteman, or Johnny Yong Bosch - Mike Jones
  2. Kira Buckland, Erica Mendez, or Kayli Mills - Mica
  3. Patrick Seitz, Chris Sabat, David Vincent, or DC Douglas - Zoda
  4. Matthew Mercer or Kyle Hebert - Dr. Steven Jones
  5. Sam Riegel - Nav-Com
  6. Kyle Hebert - Chief Coralcola
  7. Jamieson Price - Chief Miracola
  8. Sarah Williams - Bananette
  9. Matthew Mercer or Xander Mobus - Sherlock Holmes
  10. Stephanie Sheh, Lauren Landa, or Mchelle Ruff - Cleopatra
  11. Doug Erholtz - Peter

If you did played StarTropics I & II: Zoda's Revenge, what is your ideal cast choice incase if Nintendo made a StarTropics remake happen?

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