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Post Mobile Police Patlabor Dream Cast

So then, went through this Franchise recently, really liked it and... yeah, here's an LA Cast I made.

... I know this may seem redundant since the movies were already Dubbed in LA but... I kinda didn't know that until yesterday. So... yeah...

Officer Izumi Noa: Jeannie Tirado
Captain Gotoh Kiichi: David Lodge
Officer Shinohara Asuma: Lucien Dodge
Officer Oota Isao: Kyle Hebert
Lieutenant Kanuka Clancy: Carrie Keranen
Officer Shinishi Mikeyasu: Spike Spencer
Officer Yamazaki Hiroshi: Travis Willingham
Lieutenant Kumagami Takeo: Wendee Lee

Captain Nagumo Shinobu: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Lieutenant Gomioka Tsutomu: Steve Blum

Chief Sakaki Seitaro: William Frederik Knight
Chief Shiba Shigeo “Shige”: Sean Chiplock

Detective Matsui Takahiro: JB Blanc
Shinishi Tamiko: Kate Higgins
Jitsuyama: John Snyder
Sakurayama Momoko: Abby Trott
Arakawa Shigeki: Dan Worren
Captain Fuwa: Laura Bailey

Utsumi/Richard Wong: Matthew Mercer
Kurosaki: Troy Baker
Badrinath Harchand/Bud Renard Harchand: Erica Mendez
Tsuge Yukihito: John DeMita

Sometimes, people have weird hobbies, and that's okay. Mostly.

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