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Casting Call Audition for voice acting projects created by members of BTVA. Project owners can manage the entire project from start all the way through to casting.

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Default Between The Ashes 2 - Short Cutscene

A few years ago, Between The Ashes released to high praise. It is a mod for Freespace Open, a space-sim shooter game engine. The mod was fully voice acted upon release. Playlist of trailers for the original mod. A full Let's Play of the mod.

Here is the final trailer I released back then.

I am now developing Chapter 2 and for now I need to get a single cutscene acted.

Auditions open until Nov. 1. Send submissions to [email protected]. You can also reach me on Discord. MjnMixael#4144

Here's the script.

Character A and B are both ex intelligence/military. Character A is male, a potentially recurring role. Character B can be either gender.
A: I received your message. What's this about?

B: Channel secure?

A: Secure confirmed. You said this was urgent. We shouldn't be contacting each other. The rebellion is long over.

B: I wouldn't have sent the message if it wasn't urgent.

A: Okay, okay. Let's hear it.

B: You remember that project from before?.. The one that could shut everything down?

A: Before Hades? I'm gonna nee-

B: No names! No keywords!

A: I said this was a secure channel. You don't trust me?

B: We both worked on the same projects back then... I don't trust the network. I'm talking about the one from before first contact.

A: ...The contingency...

B: Yes.

A: I thought it was abandoned or destroyed after I left?

B: More like lost.


B: I assumed it orbited into a star or crashed on a moon somewhere. I was wrong.

A: You found it?

B: Not exactly. After the rebellion; after I was released, I kept my ear to the ground.

A: I do not like where this is going.

B: History will judge us... It's time to make up for it. I need a favor. I need you to find it.

A: What? Why now?

B: ........Because it just became active.
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