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Post Babylon Dream Cast

For those not in the now, this is a currently airing (As of writing) Thriller Anime based on a Novel... which is on Amazon. Meaning it probably won't get a dub any time soon, if ever. This is what I'd like the cast to be like should that Dub ever happen.

Seizaki Zen: Matthew Mercer
Magase Ai: Wendee Lee
Kuijin Shinobu: Johnny Yong Bosch
Sekuro Hiasa: Brina Palencia
Fumio Atsuhiko: Griffin Burns
Morinaga Yasutaka: Peter Lurie
Torao: Jamieson Price
Kaika Itsuki: Kaiji Tang
Hanta Ariyoshi: Liam O’Brien
Nomaru Ryuichiro: Michael McConohie

I would include more characters, but I'm gonna hold off until I can find a full cast list for the show as I haven't been able to find any reliable sources for one for characters introduced past episode 7.
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