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Post Log Horizon Dream Cast

Watched the show recently and enjoyed it a decent lot, so here’s an the english Cast I had in my head before I found out what the actual English’s a Dub was like:

Shiroe: Xander Mobus
Akatsuki: Cassandra Lee
Naotsugu: Ray Chase
Nyanta: Jamieson Price
Tohya: Zach Aguilar
Minori: Abby Trott
Isuzu: Charemi Leigh
Rundelhaus Cord: Robbie Daymond
Tetra: Erica Mendez

Maryelle: Megan Taylor Harvey
Henrietta: Carrie Keranen
Shouryuu: Billy Kametz
Hien: Erik Kimerer
Serara: Ryan Bartley

Soujirou Seta: Kyle McCarley
Nazuna: Kari Wahlgren
Isami: Erika Harlacher
Dolce: Kaiji Tang
Kawara: Charemi Leigh
Kyouko: Kira Buckland

Krusty: Johnny Yong Bosch
Kawahara Misa: Karen Strassman
Rieze: Kate Higgins

Isaac: Patrick Seitz
Rezarick: David Vincent
Michitaka: Doug Stone
Charasin: Bryce Papenbrook
Roderick: Lex Lang

Demikas: JB Blanc
William Massachusetts: Doug Erholtz

Nureha: Mela Lee
Indicius: Bridget Hoffman
Kazuhiko: Bill Rogers
KR: Taliesin Jaffe

Kanami: Michelle Ruff
Leonardo: Cam Clarke
Elias Hackblade: Grant George
Coppelia: Melissa Fahn

Roe2: Cristina Vee

Rayneshia: Carrie Savage
Regan: Matthew Mercer
Kinjou Kunie: Derek Stephen Prince
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