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Post Blue Comet STP Layzner

You know, this show needs to get out of licensing Hell, so Iím gonna asume three possible outcomes if a Dub were made.


Eiji Asuka: Chris Hackney
Anna Stephanie: Stephanie Sheh
David Ruthenford: Max Mittleman
Roanne Dietrich: Johnny Yong Bosch
Simonne Reflane: Cherami Leigh
Arthur Cummings Jr: Robbie Daymond
Elizabeth Calabery: Tara Platt
Admiral Gresco: Michael McConohie
Ru-Kain: Doug Erholtz
Gosterro: Kirk Thornton
Amos Gale: Matthew Mercer
Julia Asuka: Carrie Keranen


Eiji Asuka: Josh Grelle
Anna Stephanie: Luci Christian
David Ruthenford: Justin Cook
Roanne Dietrich: Micah Solusod
Simonne Reflane: Elizabeth Maxwell
Arthur Cummings Jr: Justin Briner
Elizabeth Calabery: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Admiral Gresco: Kent Williams
Ru-Kain: Eric Vale
Gosterro: Sonny Strait
Amos Gale: Jason Liberecth
Julia Asuka: Lydia MacKey


Eiji Asuka: Samuel Vincent
Anna Stephanie: Kelly Sheridan
David Ruthenford: Richard Ian Cox
Roanne Dietrich: Brad Swaile
Simonne Reflane: Tabitha St Germain
Arthur Cummings Jr: Andrew Francis
Elizabeth Calabery: Venus Trenzo
Admiral Gresco: Paul Dobson
Ru-Kain: Scott McNeil
Gosterro: John Payne
Amos Gale: Alex Zahara
Julia Asuka: Lisa Ann Bailey

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