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Help! I Have Problems! Having some trouble submitting your audition or performance? Post your issue here.

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Unhappy Post "Delete" button Missing?

Hey, everyone! So, I auditioned for a certain role on a project and got cast. Naturally, I was excited and the creator asked for my email which was given. However, I just looked at he comments section, and it is noooot good news.
Is there any way I can delete my post/ and or decline the cast offer? I'm not sure I want to be working in the project anymore...
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Default Re: Post "Delete" button Missing?

I saw that too... o_e; Sorry to say, but there is no delete button. Best course of option would be to e-mail or talk to the project owner through btva and explain the situation. I'm sure they'll understand.

Seriously though.

I would love the addition of a delete button, seems like it might be helpful. I remember a point when I needed to delete and re-upload something.

But I guess there isn't much of a point when you could just speak with the project manager about it.... Oh well xD
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The Recoverer
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Default Re: Post "Delete" button Missing?

Thanks. XD I made a comment telling the creator, so I hope he reads it.
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Default Re: Post "Delete" button Missing?

Which project is it? I can delete it if you need me to.
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Default Re: Post "Delete" button Missing?

That'd be great! I can't do this project anymore, and, although I told the creator, they haven't responded. Here's the link to it:

Thanks so much! I appreciate it!
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Default Re: Post "Delete" button Missing?

So...I was reading this thread, and I was like Ooooooh, that makes so much sense....
Why DON'T we have...a delete...button...for the projects?
Well I also saw a moderator here...if you can would you delete one of my projects?


If you can't that's fine, but I'd really like to start a different one :3
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